Celtic Druid's Sun Ceremony Calendar 09
There following list of dates shows our intended Sun ceremonies and locations for those ceremonies.

Sunday 21 December 08, Sun Standing, Newgrange noon.

Thursday 29 January 09, Imbolg Sun ceremony, Druidschool noon*.

Friday 20 March, Spring Equinox Sun ceremony, Druidschool noon*.

#Thursday, 30 April 08, Beltine Sun ceremony, Druidschool noon*#.

Sunday 21 June 09, Summer Sun Standing ceremony, Tara 24 hours

#Sunday 2 August 09, Lughnasa Sun ceremony, Druidschool noon*#

Tuesday 22 September 09, Autumn Equinox ceremony, Druidschool noon*.

#Sunday 1 November 09, Sun Samhain ceremony, Druidschool noon*#.

* This denotes that attending this ceremony is by invitation only. Drui Fasach, Drui Daltai, friends and those with open personal invitations are welcome � make contact first and arrive early please.

Attendance at all other Sun and Moon ceremonies not marked * are free of charge and open to all.

# to # Denotes you may join us at noon for ceremony and meet the participants on our Sli and Drui weekend workshops at Druidschool and join with us as we honour the cycle of the Sun if you are listed under * above.
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