Everything is a test. Focus & you cannot fail
Some thoughts & stories. Brought to me by the new light of a new day.

'Everything is a test. Focus & you cannot fail. When you deliberate, Light & Shade intermix, doubts interfere with joy & happiness. Stop your anxiety & have Tranquility. With this comes patience & clarity. Play with life with the innocence of your child self. Re-find that Earthy soul. Open up to the simple things that used to give you joy. Remember that playful spirit that allows everyone to be a winner. Find the proper measure between love, work & recreation. The Balance needed for a healthy life, full of Harmony & Serenity. Ask for guidance to help make decisions, so that you really know when -enough is enough- or -when you need to do more. Your intuition transforms & guides you. It inspires you to use your creative energies. Remember your power of faith, which gives you the ability to Be, Do & Have anything. Remember your power of Trust. Trust you will find your best path. Trust opens you up to others & opens others up to you. Honour the wonder of life & welcome each new day as a fantastic, creative adventure.'

Some time ago I was feeling crushed by my family responsibilities & needed some time-out. It was a fine, bright, winters morning. Once the kids had been packed off to school, I headed to Kildare, where there was to be a meeting of healers/meditators. It sounded like something that would renew me, meditating in the Japanese Gardens followed by a well dedication to St. Brigid. I traveled across country, over bog & pothole. My journey was halted suddenly when my car radiator overheated. As I sat waiting for it to cool down, I was reminded of the dream I had woken to that morning, of being rescued by a Big Red Teddybear. Not a soul around, human or Teddy. I waited until the car had cooled, then filled the radiator with my drinking water. I decided to carry on with my jouney & got to the Gardens, a little late & overheated. The next few hours were spent 'chilling' out & connecting again with the nature spirits. I made some great contacts & new friends. As the light faded on the day we went our separate ways homeward. I went back into Kildare town to buy eggs, which several people had assured me, was the thing to put into my radiator, in order to get home. As I opened the bonnet & saw the splattered, scrambled egg covering my engine, I did question my 'Trust & Faith'. I crossed the square to use the Payphone, to call home. No-one answered. As I opened the door, I noticed a man waiting outside. He turned & asked if I was OK? By this time I was looking a bit fraught! I told him my plight, I also notice that this man was a big fellow, with very bushy, red hair & a beard. he pointed along the road & told me that around the corner was a shop that sold most anything, & that I would get a radiator sealing kit in there. So I thanked him. I bought myself the stuff & was soon on my way home. I got back to the family after my great adventure with renewed Trust & Faith in people, cars, teddy bears, dreams & spirit!

I hope these words find you well & happy. Enjoy the changes your choices make. ML Denise x
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