Saoirse, Saoirse, Saoirse (freedom)
From Red John - a poem of freedom that came to him following the last Full Moon ceremony on Tara on the 9th of Feb 09.


A fire box glowing.

Burning logs. Charcoal!

Flames lick the side of the fire box.

Colours enchant all who watch.

Blues, Reds, Yellows, Orange.

All dancing in the gentle breeze.

Words echo through in the stillness of the night.

Solitary souls standing in the mist on the frozen snow

In circle with intentions of healing, light love and Saoirse.

Circle Break.

The Hill empty

The mist engulfs the space where they once stood

Yet in the stillness, distant whispers can be heard.

Saoirse, Saoirse, Saoirse.

by RedJohn, Drui Fasach, 10th February 2009
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