Hamish Miller passes on
Sadly, we learned of the death of Scottish dowser Hamish Miller who passed away in his sleep at home after a Burns Night celebration down in Cornwall. Hamish was undoubtedly one of the most important Earth Energy dowsers of the past thirty years. His seminal book, The Sun and the Serpent (written with Paul Broadhurst), was about the Michael and Mary lines that he dowsed running from St Michael's Mount up through some of England's most important ancient sites including Glastonbury Tor and Avebury and up further to the northeast to the North Sea coast. Hamish went on to write about the Apollo Line running from Israel to the northwest through Italy and France's Mont St.Michel and St. Michael's Mount in Cornwall, and on to Ireland and Skellig Michael - the farthest western isle in Erie. (Eire)
The above is taken from a mail by Sig Lonegren.

My own interaction with Hamish Miller and his great book written with Paul Broadhurst called the Sun and the Serpent impacted on my consciousness in a profound way. This book is a must read for all diviners. I had four days touring Cornwall and Devon tracing the powerful energy line that they wrote of in their book. See http://www.druidschool.com/site/1030100/page/471187 for a full story.

Well done Hamish, may all your journeys always bring you to the Light.
5 Feb 2010.
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