Standing up to bullies
Those who force you and bully you first generate fear in you, and then they continually demand from you as they seek to control your thoughts and wish�s to fulfill their needs and wants while ignoring yours.

In my opinion this is now standard �democratic� government practice in the western world and they even refer to this strategy as governance. This means that when they are caught out lying or breaking laws or stealing they dodge any possible responsibility to truth by spin-doctor tactics. Their main trick is to not allow the public much say in what the controller elite do and say � they persecute the entire population and not just the individual. This is fascism wearing the pinstripe uniforms of the corporate imperialists and it is their covert plan to totally design your world for you without your input for their exclusive benefit.

Today, the majority of people are afraid of their government, which is comprised of people from the same elite as the corporate imperialists, but in an honest and true democracy the government is afraid of the will of the people. But it is actually the other way around � the Irish people are being bullied by government policies that tax the future to pay tribute to the banker elite as seen in the current designed depression. Our elected representatives do not have public support for what they are doing about - the Banking �Crisis�, the destruction of Tara, the closures and trolley queues at Hospitals, the exploitation by Shell at Corrib Gas and their ongoing plan for hiding sexual abuse by Catholic priests. The Irish Government is not serving the needs of the people of Ireland.

This is not what the people want here in Ireland. But it is what they are getting. Why?

I suggest that the religious conditioning by the church of fear over many hundreds of years of many generations has paved the way for the current �government bullies people� situation. The church is not totally to blame but the percentage of blame for their effect is high, more importantly it is the mind set they engineered with the dis-empowerment of people from direct and personal interaction with the Gods. That allowed the church to co-opt the elite to their plan a long time ago.

Small mindedness and selfishness and lack of wider perspective in the general population must have contributed significantly to the current situation / problem of government and corporate bullying as did the destruction of communities. Policies crafted by the church inspired the formation of an elite to exploit the enforced weakness of the majority, so again the church is to blame. And so it goes on � but the problem also lies with us. We made choices.

When critically reviewed over a long time the situation changed a lot over the last 30 - 40 years here in Ireland. The power of the church began to fade to what is now obviously their end time fast approaching. This was all prophesied. What happened to cause this shift?

People began to wake up to their own divinity and this woke up a spirit of freedom in the ripples they created around themselves. Suddenly, the total dominance by the fear programmers was not working 100% any more. I cite my own experience of the look of horror on the face of the un-christian brother as I reacted to his vicious attempt to decapitate me with a lead-lined leather strap. This weapon of fear was standard issue to all catholic teachers. The �Brother� just could not believe that any 16 years old student would or could ever stand up to him or refuse punishment. I had no respect for the church as a child � they had lost my parents respect but not their fear because at age 12, I was told �take the punishment�. At age 16 they became afraid of me. Click here for the full story.

When I was 16 and the un-christian brother violently hit me on my neck I knew I had a choice � stand up or be beaten. I stood up and this stopped the beating � but I did not beat him back even though I was well able to do this. No more was my father making decisions for me about my personal safety or my well being. I did not respect or believe in the church in any way � all I could see was violence and bullying and I had no problem with making my choice for freedom. It stands me well today, as I am still free.

If we go back a bit and see that my father did not even have much to do with the church then we can see that even though he had to all effects left the church he was in fact still in their thrall. I am not and I have broken the effect that I call �the sins of the father�. Not just of my father but of the notion of fathers in Ireland in general. If any person consciously repeats the mistakes (sins) of his or her parent/s then they are locked in a cycle - I call this �the sins of the father�. Confession is where a catholic person tells �sins� and gets a few prayers to say and has to contribute money to the church in a form of release from responsibility, but this is designed to be a weekly taxation for guilt. If a son repeats the same sins as his father then the tax regime for the church grows nicely � but if the son stands up and says no to his father�s mistakes (sins) then there is no need for confession or guilt tax.

My father did not support / respect / or have much involvement with the church as an adult but he obeyed the church policy of violence to 12 year old boys presumably because he was forced to by deeply entrenched conditioning. I don�t agree with religious violence or sexual abuse against minors or anyone else but this is what their plan was and what they did until recently. I stood up and stopped the church�s violence to me in the classroom and in my life ever since. My two children are now adults and they did not have this problem at all. They have no direct involvement with the church of fear. But they are impacted by policies of our government that could only be installed in an environment of fear as generated and sustained by the church of fear.

Thousands of people worldwide have begun to stand up and say NO to the church of fear. People are patiently waiting for restoration of dignity as the crimes, criminals and their protectors are prosecuted, as the law requires. Our corrupt bully-boy government keeps busy dodging the needs of the people because the do not use the laws to prosecute the church criminals. Our corrupt bullyboy government serves the financial needs of a corporate banking elite by breaking the basic moral standards required for democracy and has consciously failed to prosecute the criminals who engineered the nicely phrased �downturn�.

When the people stand up to the church of fear and to corrupt bully-boy governments - then it very quickly falls apart for those organisations. Find your way to stand up and say NO.

Stand up now and say NO to every form of bully � the church of fear, the government of lies, the schoolyard tough, Shell / Topaz for the Corrib Gas heist, the office control freak and so on. If you don�t say anything - then you allow� This is a conscious choice� Why choose suffering and pain? For you and for your descendants?

Let it be your policy to encourage others to �say no, run away, tell an adult� but first find an adult who is not in their trap. Then seek restoration of dignity for all victims of crime whether it is religious oppression, sexual bullying, corporate imperialism, corrupt governance or just simple basic fascism. Choose, but choose freedom.

Many have stood up and stopped fascist bullies in the past, many more are about to stand up and declare their right to freedom. It is all about choices - choose wisely.

Get up, stand up: stand up for your rights!
Get up, stand up: don't give up the fight!
Bob Marley (1946-1981)

Essay by Con Connor 20 April 2010
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