Shell to Sea and the Prisoners
There is a great example of the corruption of our state by its bowing to corporate imperialism with the jailing of two people who object to the Shell oil company (aka Topaz) destroying their sovereignty. Please be aware that the Irish gov. gave the gas reserves off the west coast away for nothing. Yes you read it right - no money was paid to the state by Shell for the gas they are planning to extract from the Corrib gas fields.

Pat O'Donnell and Niall Harnet are in prison in Castlerea, North Co Roscommon because they object to this blatant piracy. You can see their images and get detailed info send them letters of support here
An international group of cyclists called 'The Solidarity Cycle', started in Merthyr, Wales on Friday May 21st and arrived in Rossport, Mayo on Friday June 4th for the start of the June gathering. This was organised by supporters of the campaign against open cast coal mining in Merthyr, the campaign against the corrib gas project in Mayo and the bicycology group in the UK.

Most of the organising was done by the UK group, but as hoped more people from Ireland got involved in organising, supporting and taking part in the cycle. It aims to link the two communities in their struggle for justice and safety from the corporations who seek to profit from the explotation of the natural resources in their area. It also hopes to link with other communities along it�s route and raise awareness of the issues effecting us all.

The planned route so far includes: Cork/Macroon, Killarney, Tralee, Kilrush, Lahinch,Gort,Galway, Castlerea, Ballina

When they got to Castlerea - they stayed with us for two nights in our medieval rath.
They we just cyclists, no support vehicles or flashing lights or garda escort, just 70 men and women on their bikes. When they got to Druidschool they were greeted by Dagda's Cauldron full of Vegan Stew. Everyone got at least two bowls of broth! On the second night people from Mayo who attended at the prison demo also stayed with us and they also got fed from the big cauldron from which no-one ever goes away unsatisfied. The smiles below say it all.
They stayed for two nights and on the Wednesday they went to Castlerea prison to show support for the prisoners of conscience. Every Wednesday there is a presence outside the prison to show support to the two men who were jailed because they object to the outrageous corporate imperialists profits and the destruction of soverignity. Details of the bike tour and its visit to Castlerea Prison here Their dedication to truth and protecting the planet inspires.
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