Tir na Saor Freeman Ireland
Check out the VERY IMPORTANT Tir na Soar Freeman Guidebook on their website � it is a sharing of your true rights as a sovereign individual and it heralds a return to proper respect by the authorities for all people. (Tir na Saor means Land of the Free)

Copied from their website -
Tir na Saor aims to provide information to those wishing to empower themselves with the knowledge necessary to stand up for and exercise their ancient rights. We aim to educate ourselves and others on the true nature and purpose of Law; how it applies to you and how to go about taking your life back.

We also recognise the importance of healthy and sustainable living, growing of food, permaculture, free and renewable energy, community spirit and spiritual growth. We never advocate violence. Our philosophy is one of purely peaceful means, using knowledge to achieve our goals. We do not promote or condone violence, divisiveness or dishonourable behaviour. Do not ask others for advice legal or otherwise just discuss and learn.

We are purely trying to bring information to people so they can peacefully take back their sovereignty, and take back their power . We also recognise that we each have a personal responsibility and a duty to ourselves and future generations.

Tir na Saor is about joining together, pooling skills, knowledge and resources to form a community of dispersed yet united Free Men and Women living on, from and for the land, maximising freedom and abundance for as many souls as possible.

Anything that opposes the values outlined in this mission statement naturally belongs somewhere else�

Comment -
An interesting website and a peaceful stance by the group inspire truth in the authorities because they know their rights and claim their sovereignty thereby dis empowering the fascist attitude of the gardai (Irish Police) and the mechanisms of the state which no longer protect the people first. I met some of the members of Tir na Saor on Tara after the last full moon ceremony and I was impressed by the clarity and depth of understanding shown by them. I encourage people to read their FREEMAN GUIDE and to use it.
June 2010

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