Betty Myler passes on 2010
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It is with great sadness that I bring you the news of Betty Meyler�s passing last night (24th Oct). Betty was one of those characters you would refer to as �larger than life�. She lived her life to the full, enjoyed every minute and if you were lucky enough to be in her company, then, you will understand what I mean. Betty was ill for the past 3 years, not that you�d notice because of her positivity, she brought joy and had the knack of putting a smile on your face. She was full of fun and laughter.

Betty was a very talented person with wonderful management and organising skills which was evident in how she ran the UFO Society which she founded. With her dowsing skills she would predict where you might see UFOs around the country, this she did on a monthly basis.

Also, she was an energy healer, a cordon bleu cook and gave cookery classes, managed a hotel, could fly an aircraft and much more, she did wonders for tourism in Boyle, she could turn her had to almost anything.

What a capacity for life she had, she will be missed so much by so many friends and of course her family. Long may she be in our memories.

Funeral arrangements probably Wed 27th & Thurs 28th October 2010.

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My own experiences with Betty were always seeking the truth of things, looking where few people look and trying to understanding what happened in the past, whats happening now and what is going to happen. She had attended ceremony with us and had even commissioned energy tools to assist her in her work. She and I also shared membership of the Irish Society of Diviners. She was respected by many, may she enjoy her newest experiences with the same energy she lived her physical life with.
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Samhain 2010
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