Torc, ceremonial enclosure at Druidschool
Dec 2010.

The very first work we decided to do when we got the deeds to the farm was to dig out the high field behind the house. This acted as a giant sponge that fed dampness to the old stone house. 200 year old construction techniques built living buildings and the constant damp was worked by maintaining constant fires and the breathable thatched roof. I prefer to not have the damp come in - so we had a digger and dumper dig and remove 50ft x 30ft x 8ft of topsoil and clay from behind the 3 room stone cottage and bring this 'raw material' 300 yards away to make the Torc. This is a Permaculture approach - what most automatically see as a problem becomes a resource when viewed from another angle.

That is the reasoning for the construction of the first part of our school. Removing the damp earth to make the Torc lowered the water table around the house and this took the dampness feed or storage potential away. A drain was opened and a 9inch pipe filled and the stone yard laid over all this keeps everything ticking away nicely. We use the drain pipe when teaching energy divining to Dru� Dalta�.

The images below attempt to portray the serenity and connectedness of a dedicated outdoor ceremonial space. We hold many types of ceremony in the Torc but be sure that we also teach from there as well - especially the Introduction Days and parts of the Study and Live weeks.

The gate frame is from a salvaged Hazel Tree and the doors are treated wood. The /|\ symbol on the doors represents the Three. Three Cauldrons, Three Realms and Three Paths - left, middle and right hand paths to the same place. We'll show images of inside the Torc later in 2011
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