Fireball over Ireland Nov 10
On Sunday, November 28, at around 5:40pm a fireball was seen all across Ireland. We have already received hundreds reports from people who saw it blazing across the evening sky. However we believe that only a tiny fraction of those that saw it have thus far reported it. If anyone saw it please fill out the online report form at (click 'Report a Fireball' link on left hand column).

Fireballs this bright generally drop meteorites and these witness reports will assist astronomers predict its course and determine if and where it may have landed.

If you or your company owns a CCTV camera, we are looking for footage.

There has been a frenzy of media interest surround the fireball since we started receiving reports yesterday morning. Astronomy Ireland Chairman, David Moore has featured on various radio shows, including Today FM, KCLR FM, Ocean FM and Community Radio Castlebar. You can listen to these interviews on our website at

In a few days time we will let you know via this email list, where it may have landed.

Comment Dec 2010 - the above is a copy and paste from Astronomy Ireland's website. Please check in and see updates by going to just copy and paste into your browser
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