Druidschool Scholarship Competition 2011

Study and Live with Ireland�s Druidschool for the week June 10th to the 16th 2011 FREE. We offer one free scholarship place to one of our members and friends. This means that there is no fee to attend a week long experience with us here in the west of Ireland for the week June 10th to the 16th 2011, just before the Summer Solstice. The usual fee for attending our Study and Live week is E235. There can be up to four student dru� with us during this week and one of them can be you - free of charge! Full details of our Study and Live program here

The result of this Scholarship competition will be announced verbally on Saturday 30th of April after our Introduction Day class - this special day also has us celebrate Beltine here at Druidschool with a Twin Fire ceremony as we welcome the start of Summer. Details of our Introduction Days can be found under Courses on our main website. In the evening of the 30th of April the winner will be announced online in our Press Releases page on Ireland�s Druidschool website and on Ireland�s Druidschool Facebook Page.

How do you apply?
You are asked to send in an essay of why you as a Lightworker want to walk a Celtic Path. A 1000 words maximum limit will apply - essays exceeding this will not be considered. Do not quote others or send poetry but instead try to share your life path so far and say why you see yourself becoming a Lightworker walking a Celtic Path. You must give your full name, date of birth, postal address, email address and declare yourself in good health - this is separate to your 1000 word max essay. Please send your essay to info@druidschool.com and write �Scholarship Competition 2011� in the Subject line and be sure to comply with all of the requirements regarding this Scholarship.

You are required to be over 18 and in full health and able for outside physical work - guidance will be given regarding each job. You must be able to speak and understand English. The Scholarship cannot be transferred to another. No cash alternative is offered. Closing date for accepting essays for this Scholarship Competition is on the Full Moon Monday 18th of April 2011. No essay will be accepted after this. You will make your own way to and from Druidschool but during your stay all accommodation, food, classes and activities are free of charge. You will be expected to work each day just as the other students and you are required to read and agree the membership declaration as well as understanding the Study and Live program content. All or any essay submissions may be published on Ireland�s Druidschool website, using only the authors first name.

Good Luck to all entrants
14 Feb 2011
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