Baby Naming and Welcoming Ceremony
Baby Naming and Welcoming Ceremony.
This ceremony can also be used for an adult taking a new name as part of Pathworking

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Ceremony Outline
for outdoor or indoor locations)
The group assembles with gentle acoustic music being played -

The Ard Dru� facilitator will perform the Celtic Druid's Cross of Light and give the Blessing to the Three Realms which connect us to the Sky, Sea and Land. This is explained and demonstrated by the Ard Dru� and the whole group can perform it, if so wished. It is a series of movements coordinated with the breath and some Irish words. It's focus is to harmonise and enrgise the aura of the person/group performing it and sends a blessing to the three realms of Sky, Sea and Land. This is how we start all of our ceremonies.

The Gathering will form a circle in the woods and Mother, Father and Baby will then come into the centre. As the family enters the circle Mum will hold the Baby and Dad will hold the triple offerings. Dad will place the triple offerings on the Earth beside me. The triple offerings are symbols of the three realms such as sea water, quartz and a feather or many other combinations. Mum will then give the Baby to Dad. Dad will hold the Baby as Mum walks clockwise outside and around this Gathering sprinkling the Sea Water she has collected to secure the spirit of the group intention. Mum will then return to the centre with husband and child and the music will stop a few seconds later.

Con will announce the reason for this special gathering of two family lines of and as the Welcoming and Naming Ceremony for Baby . We will stand in silence for a minute or so as we allow nature to accept our presence. Con will then talk about the Early Name and Chosen Name and the probability that a new name may be taken at a later date (Setanta - Cuchulainn, Demna - Finn). Con will then mention the 'in womb' name - and then the Given Name of (which means from the Gaelic word = if a Gaelic name is to be used).

Gentle acoustic music may now be played -

To acknowledge the three generations present at this Gathering the Mother and Father of will now cause the Offerings to be handed to the respected elders of their family lines by their grandchildren. These Offerings are: Dad will give these offerings (one at a time) to the children and tell them who to give them to.

Music stops after all has settled again.

Con will now turn to Baby and Mum and Dada and read the
"The Nine Wave Blessing"

"The Nine Wave Blessing"

"Nine waves before you,
Nine winds above you,
Nine paths beneath you,
Nine fires transform you,
Nine wells sustain you,
Nine wisdoms open you,
Nine gifts given you,
Nine skills given you,
Nine strengths given you,
All Nine fold the blessings of the God and Goddess"

Con will now ask that all those present who are able to say their name out loud as God and Goddess Parents. This means that everyone in this Gathering can act as a family community to look after the Baby's needs and blessings. First the Ladies will say their names and then the Men.

The Baby is now named, as by Con and the previous name is past. The proud parents now bring Baby clockwise around the Gathering (starting with the grandparents) and will say the Baby's name out loud to each person in the gathering. Each person then says "Welcome ... ". When the circle is complete the new family return to the centre - the gathering will hold hands and Con will give the Celtic Druids Blessing (in Irish and then in English) asking for strength, guidance and teaching for Baby .

Tabhair dom an neart chun buaireamh an sl� a iompair; thaispe�n dom conas a sh�ileach faoi comhtheacht, m�in dom r�ndiamhaira� Dra�ocht na Soilse = Give me strength so that I may bear the trials of the path; guide me that I may walk in harmony, teach me the mysteries of the Magic of Light.

Con will step out of the centre and join the circle around Baby, Mum and Dad and any other brothers / sisters. The group will hold hands for a few moments and visualise happiness for the family. Then we break the handholds and with open hands we all send Love and Light to the new family.

Con will announce this as the end of the Welcoming and Naming Ceremony for Baby and then the music can begin again. Finger food and light refreshments are now made available to secure this event as a celebration of life.


Please add or adjust as required.
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Name the musician/s.
Name the Grandparents.
Name the children who give the offerings.


The above is a sample outline that has been used before - it works well but can be modified to your needs.

By Con Connor, Ireland�s Druidschool.
modified Beltine 2011/13
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