The Pagan Goddess and the Catholick Church
My thanks must be extended to the Catholick Church in Ireland for including a picture of me (an outspoken Pagan Druid) in their schoolbook � Religion: The Irish Experience isbn 1 847 30 000 6. The sub heading says � FAITH SEEKING UNDERSTANDING, Leaving Certificate Religious Education Syllabus Section 1 and Tom Gunning wrote this book for them. This schoolbook was printed with Ecclesiastical Approval no less. Published by Veritas � this word means truth but in truth they repeat lies for money.
Now I reckon that there may be two reasons for me to be included in their schoolbook. Firstly � they admire who I am and what I do and see that I inspire others to find their own truth and to walk a path of Love in the Light. Secondly � that they are attempting to make out that I am a sexual deviant abusing animals just as my Pagan Ancestors did based on lies of one of their propagandists from nearly 1000 years ago.

Before exploring these two reasons for my being included in their schoolbook so a fair conclusion can be reached - things need to be put in context. The following photo of me, my (then) 14-year-old son and another companion appear in their book on pg 50.
A dramatic photo, with the wind blowing my black wool poncho into a triangle, my outstretched hand touching the east before bringing that energy into our Imbolg ceremony, our natural fabric ceremonial costumes and the so called Mound of the Hostages in the background. Photocall took this picture and sold it to the church � neither Photocall nor Tom Gunning or the church or the Dept of Education asked my permission to use this image in their book. Many people made money from using this unauthorised image of my companions and me.

I find it difficult to believe that the Catholick Church admire who I am or what I do because I reckon that they see that I inspire others to find their own truth and to walk a path of Love in the Light. I was and still am very outspoken about their fundamentalist sect called Opus Dei that currently occupy an E10m HQ in a sacred site called Lismullin (meaning fort of the mill) right in the middle of Tara valley. I have been public about the way that Opus Dei and their co-operators dis-appeared a section of the road from the centre of Tara to the coast by displaying maps of that road before and after Opus Dei got control of the centre of the sacred valley of the White Mare Goddess. I repeatedly point out that the movement of the forced toll road to the east where it destroyed a path of Rath Lugh was to protect the burial grounds of the Black Friars in the fields beside the OD HQ. These Blackfriars at Tara were an outpost from the Dominican Order who came with the Normans and made their big camp at Trim about 800 years ago. I have written about the decay and abandonment of their churches in the sacred valley � on top of Tara Hill, beside Rath Lugh, on top of Screen Hill and the fact that their current church in the valley is laid out as a Masonic Temple on the second floor of their OD HQ with all ground floor windows behind steel bars. I have with many good friends caused happiness with drumming and dancing on Tara Hill at the Summer Solstice for 5/6 years in a row dissolving their curse of �desolation� by installing freedom and joy in its place. I have with friends facilitated a full moon ceremony on Tara since 2003 � Red John now hosts this ceremony. When Cardinal Brady said people should stay away form Astrology I published many pictures of Chartre cathedral in France with its many Astrological statues and stained glass windows displaying Astrology symbols. This is but a part of what I have been doing � telling the truth and being happy so I doubt that the church admires or supports me � in fact they probably recognise that my efforts and the efforts of others combine to ensure the total collapse of their reign of fear. So I seriously doubt that the church put a picture of me into their indoctrination schoolbook to promote what I say and do. So maybe there is another reason for including me in their book�

When the script around the image of me on pg 50 is looked into it becomes clear that they church is attempting to make out that I am a sexual deviant by abusing animals just as my Pagan Ancestors did according to a propaganda report 930 years ago� The supporting teachers book gives the teacher greater details of this bestiality� all this was first reported by a man called Gerald of Wales who wrote a lot of stuff about Ireland in the time before the Norman Invasion in a book called Topographia Hibernica.

Ethnographic scholars dismiss his work as being of little valve. He was an angry man because he had worked and schemed to get the top place in their church at the time but was passed over. In an effort to please the king and get royal favour he wrote extensively about how terrible we Irish were so the planned invasion would be justified � ie the savage Irish could be brought to fear God� Gerald made up many outrageous lurid and twisted lies. In Topographia Hibernica Gerald says things about the Ireland of the 1180's like - a bizarre menagerie of outlandish monstrosities and vitiated by inflections of scorn, disdain and slander � we had a portentous frog, a prophetic werewolf, a population of banished fleas, a flock of unboilable ducks, and a species of fish remarkable for its golden dentures. He reports that we were - scrofulous barbarians notable for their addiction to unbounded turpitudes of lust, for these ostensible monsters of perversion allegedly practiced incest, granted bestiality a ritualistic function in ceremonies of kingship, (this is the part being used to attack me) and idiosyncratically displayed the stigmata of hermaphroditism as the physical consequences of their ethnic deviance.

In the image below taken from Topographia Hibernica we can see how twisted poor Gerald�s mind was, how he would say anything to advance his career. These things never happened except in Geralds�s mind but he seems to have got away with it for hundreds of years. Not any more.
But Gerald of Wales has been very extensively exposed. Stephen White discredited the veracity of Topographicia in his Apologia pro Hibernia in the seventeenth century and again Geralds lies were exposed by John Lynch�s Cambrensis Eversus also in the seventeenth century. Gerald was the first to depict the Irish as idle, disorganized and little better than animals. He was dedicated to Henry II and he created fake reasons for the 1171 Norman invasion of Ireland to win his favour. Gerald�s writings empowered Henry II and then Prince John to justify attack and destruction of the Irish and to ratify the kings of Britain as the rightful kings of Ireland, but its all based on lies. What a twisted selfish liar who knew his words would cause much pain, hardship and death to a Nation who had done him no wrong.

The script on pg 50 and 51 around the picture of me in the Catholick Church schoolbook repeats the lies of Gerald to make me into a figure of ridicule. � They force the children�s parents to buy and the children to read their updated propaganda� nasty bad pagan�

If however you the reader have an open mind you might say what�s the plot and is it at all possible?

Well, the plot was (and is) that the Pagan Irish king elect would have sex with a white mare, kill her, bathe in her blood and eat of her flesh. This we are told by Gerald is the sacred marriage of the king to the land.

Bear in mind that career crazed catholic wrote the plot, to become a rightful king of Ireland you had to be elected, no king or sane person would have sex with a white mare or any animal, no one would bathe in blood of an animal and eat the flesh if he had just had sex with her� but maybe most importantly who would follow such a twisted sick pervert or call him king with such displays of bestiality??? The White Mare was also the respected expression of the Goddess to the Irish since the Iron Age and therefore She was all that the church of fear wanted and still wants to destroy.

The script on pg 50 and 51 around the picture of me in the Catholick Church schoolbook does not mention our use of the bright stars in the belt of the Zodiac to time our ceremonies, it does not say that we are druids, it does not say that I run Ireland�s Druidschool or and it does not relate in any way to what we are doing on Tara � instead the teachers back up book and the children�s schoolbook make the case that I and my companions are preparing for or partaking in a sacred marriage to the land � ie about to have sex with the White Mare Goddess. The opposite is the truth � I had identified the White Mare and her name Etain Eachraidhe (aka Edain) as the Goddess of Tara, Macha in the north and Aine in the south, Epona in France and Rhiannon in Wales. The summer solstice on Tara is dedicated to Etain. I respect and honour the Goddess and with many others help to bring knowledge of her back to the people.

One friend who I take council from suggests that the church must be terrified of me and of what I have done and continue to do so they try to poison the minds of the young people against me with propaganda based on 1000 year old lies. But it backfires on them. While teaching leather craft in the prison one of my students respectfully approached me at the end of a class and showed me pg 50 and its picture of me � �is that you?� he asked � I said �yes it sure is�, �wow� was all he could say. I had never seen that image before and took the isbn etc and later on I got a copy of the book. The prisoner student had waited until the class was over to show the picture from a book he had on loan from the prison library, he has my thanks. My son was confronted in school and asked if it was him in the picture � he said �yeah, why� and that was the end of that. Every year on Tara at the drum and dance circle on the summer solstice mothers bring their little children to meet me who often say things like �I was here last year��

Legally, I am a very public person in a very public place and as such I have little or no image rights. It costs E15k deposit to even begin a defamation case and to win a settlement I�d have to prove that the image and surrounding script caused me to loose money. In fact it has helped to present who I am and what I do to an entire generation � you cant buy such publicity for the Pagan Goddess� may the young men and women take inspiration� for this I must thank the church.

Thanks guys for putting an entire generation of boys and girls in touch with the idea of freedom of spiritual expression. I never realised how afraid of the truth you all are, but your efforts to smear me, the Goddess and Paganism is actually bringing more and more people to stand in the Light while you sad fools can stay in the darkness that you have generated.

Con Connor
Ireland�s Druidschool
Beltine 2011
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