Tara Pilgrimage 2011 Report
This year our Pilgrimage to Tara for the celebration of the Summer Solstice was a total washout. Well, not completely... we met friends and held noon ceremony and stayed on the hill from before sunrise until 7pm.

But it rained all day.

We arrived early enough to watch the Sunrise but the thick dark heavy clouds just shouted rain, rain and more rain so we stayed in the safety of our van. At 8am we got to the holy well and did a simple blessing of the waters. At noon we gathered by the so called 'Mound of the Hostages' and held public ceremony - the first part was warm and dry and then it rained - but the rain was now warm and wet... At this ceremony one spoke of a heart companion who has a very serious illness, another spoke of the child inside her, another gave a blessing in German. It was very much a pilgrimage for these people who made it so far and then braved the weather.

Maguire's, the coffee shop on top of the hill was packed and we got seats and the famous soup... felt a bit better and went out again but the rain continued... We left around 7pm as it was a done deal by that stage of the day.

11 July 2011
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