Occupy Together
A people centered movement with peaceful non violent protest is spreading over the world. Starting with Occupy Wall Street http://www.facebook.com/OccupyTogether and in Ireland with http://www.facebook.com/OccupyDameStreet. All over the usa there are people protesting against the corrupt banksters and wall street criminals controlling the world - the media black out is so good you probably never heard of this - see http://occupywallst.org/

What is happening?
In our view there is a long awaited reaction to excessive corporate imperialism and the effects of its arrogant greed.
The world is in an engineered depression - read up on the fractional reserve trick to see how this was caused. Just google or facebook or you tube 'fractional reserve trick'. O'bama is not an idiot, he is a puppet for the banksters, this is well known by the American people who are protesting that the banks rule the government and they want this to change as they have rights under the constitution. The will of the people is revolution...

Democracy has been used to hide the new fascism - it is corporate imperialism without any single leader but with the primary ethic of greed. Examples in Ireland include Bertie Ahern and Ray Burke selling all Irish gas off the west coast for E1 (one euro) to Shell and the garda brutality against protestors, the judges jailing innocents, the Tara destruction by the un-needed troll road and the garda blind eye to security beating up protestors, the innocent landowner growing trees jailed by a bent judge to allow esb kill 1,000's of trees for a high tension power line trough private native woodlands... that is just the best known examples but the media down play or mis-report or ignore the issue and the thunder of destruction goes on and on. The politicians close hospitals and threaten to close even more such as promised by "THE DIRECTOR of Operations in the HSE West area, John Hennessy, has stated that �there are too many health facilities in the west and we are going to have to rationalise and streamline them" (Irish Times Oct 4 2011)

More detailed info on the irish version of Occuppy Dame Street 2pm Sat 8th of Oct 2011.

"When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes a duty"

People before Politics: urge that all protest undertaken be peaceful and relaxed while also we seek from All who may attend any events to Please Respect the following :

1. No political party or trade union banners
2. No violence
3. No alcohol or drugs

This gathering has no affiliations to any political parties or organisations.

OCCUPY DAME STREET: Press release (03/10/2011)



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