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Sl� an Dru� Journal Beltine 2012 (excerpts only)

Sl� an Dru� Journal Beltine 2012 (excerpts only)

Beltine Ceremony on Monday 30th of April report
Our outer temple is surrounded by bog oak roots that stand upright in gravel beds as guardians of our sacred space. These roots are from trees aged 5000 years or more. They come from the other side of the hill we live on. Bog oak is very old oak preserved in peat bogs for thousands of years and the oils inside make a very unique incense.

Celtic Druids Beltine
The Sun festivals of ancient Ireland are still known by their old Irish names, Imbolg, Beltine, Lughnasa and Samhain. These Sun festivals are the gateway for todays Celtic Men and Women to celebrate with the Celtic Gods - Brigid at Imbolg, Bile at Beltine, Lugh at Lughnasa and Tlachtga at Samhain.

My Journey and Tara
Tara has become an anchor for me on this journey. From the time I started to visit Tara I felt something deep inside that I could not explain. This feeling expanded once I started to attend the Full Moon ceremonies on the hill. This helped me to connect to the moon cycle of the year rather that following the mundane twelve month calendar.

The spirit of the Celtic Dragon
Dublin's Dragon was called Arach by the catholic scribes and this is an old Irish word that actually means Dragon. We are told that Arach was in Glennasmole Valley and he battled with the great warrior Finn McCoole who comes from Rathcoole at the south west side of Dublin. Elsewhere we are told that Finn himself wore a wide belt with many Dragons carved on it.

Magical Nutrition
The path of the Druid is to find your own way to Source, to live in harmony with the land, sea and sky and to share this Light with others. There are people who teach, they are guides on the path. They do not wish for you to follow them, they are there to help you find your own path and to support you to walk it as your true self. Whilst on my path I found a guide who helped me to understand that nutrition is as crucial to a spiritual path as meditation is.

Your Sacred Pilgrimage to the Realm of Sea
Each of us can and should have a totally unique and personal experience from pilgrimage is to be more completely you because of your spiritual growth that is based on you and your choices. We hope to inspire the 'right mindset' for this pathwork as we guide you to know, enjoy and express the Sacred Knowledge and Indigenous Spiritual Traditions of a distinctly Celtic Druid Path.

Student Druid's feedback on weekend course experience
Niamh was a wonderful hostess for the whole weekend. Thank you Niamh. As for Con - he is a walking encyclopedia. His knowledge of water, standing stones, stone circles, ring forts, churches, vortexes and druidism is astounding and as a natural storyteller he has an ability to easily pass on his knowledge and wisdom to anybody who is interested.
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Sl� an Dru� Journal Lughnasa 2012 (excerpts only)

Sl� an Dru� Journal Lughnasa 2012 (excerpts only)

Lughnasa Ceremony on Thurs 2nd of August report
The midday ceremony at our purpose built enclosure; the Torc, was quiet and timeless. It was just Niamh and I together celebrating our harvest during a quiet moment before we began the Celtic Camp Lughnasa Games for its 5th year in a row.

Celtic Druids Lughnasa
Lughnasa means "the games of Lugh" (pronounced as Lou) and refers to the assembly for games at the time of the first of three harvests. The month of August is called Lughnasadh in Gaelic and it marks the last day of summer. This was a specifically Gaelic holiday and many of the other Celtic cultures also celebrate a autumn festival known by a range of names.

I recently read that our aura/energy bodies extend 27 feet in each direction. When you begin to think about this, you begin to realise that we are connecting with all aspects of this reality on an energetic level 24/7. Most people are not aware of this connection, as they may not be open to it for many reasons such as lack of knowledge, fear, or just happy to stay in their own bubble. I find that this energy body connection is particularly heightened at certain times i.e. during ceremony.

The Spirit of the Celtic Dragon part 2
The lost 13th sign was not lost - that is part of the disinformation and confusion program to disconnect us from our Pagan past. It was disappeared. In this essay I'll trace that transformation and show how we can re-connect to the Goddess in the Sky.

Different natural salts have different minerals; they can be different colours and have different tastes. Lots of indigenous cultures have used natural salts for different purposes; some natural salts will not be consumed but will be used for sacred or ritual purposes.

Your Sacred Pilgrimage to the Realm of Land.
We are of this land, the merging of sky and sea. The electrism from the sky and the magnetism from within the land create the zone for us humans to be healthy. There is constant flux between the electrism and magnetism and we refer to this as the dance. We always encourage Pathworkers to 'enjoy every step of the dance' because it is a wonderful experience when we are awake to it.

The Zen in the Buzz
I was entranced by the buzz, it really is an amazing sound. Suddenly a total calm surrounded me. I felt completely at ease and happy. I also felt a stronger and brighter presence than my own. It was reassuring and confident and it gave the message that all was ok and it was time to move the bees.

The inherent darkness of Syncretic philosophy
It is not a concept from Celtic awareness traditions. Instead it's a modern notion that is being persistently pushed on to the English speaking alternative spirituality / religion world as 'right-thinking'. To a great extent it's now expressed in core beliefs of most non-mainstream religions etc.

Raising a Standing Stone
The Temple Builder Level 3 workshop does not usually include the erection of standing stone. So it came as a great surprise to find myself helping to erect a standing stone on the last day of the weekend workshop. As we went about preparing to raise this stone, I kept thinking to myself what a buzz and what energy our ancestor's must have felt as they built the great monuments such as Newgrange.
Sl� an Dru� Journal Samhain 2012 (excerpts only)

Sl� an Dru� Journal Samhain 2012 (excerpts only)

Samhain New Year Ceremony on Tue 13th of Nov 2012 report.
Each year we hold multiple ceremonies on the Dark Moon of Samhain at Tlachtga, near Athboy in Co. Meath each year, this is our High Pilgrimage. We gather at Tobar Tlachtga (the Druid's Well) and add water taken from other Holy Wells by sprinkling while adding our own blessings and thanks. Then we paint our faces...

Celtic Druid's Samhain
The Celtic New Year starts on the Dark Moon of Samhain. This timing of the dark (i.e. new, but not visible) moon to start the new year marks a time of no direct solar or reflected lunar input, thereby requiring the Earth Goddess to give birth in her own right / rite to the new year. All the fires in the whole of Ireland were extinguished and the Druids at Tlachtga (12 miles west of Tara) generated new pure flame.

Crom's Return
We have begun to reclaim the sacredness and importance of these holy sites from earliest times of people living on this island. As we recover access to these temples we can all connect more completely to the Spirit of our Ancestors and true knowledge of Crom is central to this reconnection. As Celtic Pagans we all need to find Crom and help restore his dignity amongst the people. By knowing the Gods honoured by our Ancestors we can re-connect to their spiritual message.

Understanding and Return to Brehon Law 1
Its correct name is Senchus Mor or Gael Law and best understood as the 'laws of the land tiller' and was and is known to Gaelic speakers as Feineachus. A general term for all law, without special reference to that of Ireland, was Recht. But the law of the Gaels was Feineachus. Its very important to know that these 'laws' were not made by Brehons (singular Brithem in Irish) but by the people themselves to protect the people.

Your Sacred Pilgrimage to the Realm of Sky.
For us - all energies from outside our planet are described as 'electricism' and the energies from within the earth are called 'magnetism'. There is constant flux between the sky electrism and earth magnetism and we refer to this as the dance. We always encourage Pathworkers to 'enjoy every step of the dance' because it is a wonderful experience when we are awake to it.

Singing in the Rain
Water is much more than the chemical H20, it is the foundation and connector of all life on this planet. Water is the main ingredient in our bodies. It is the most common substance on Earth, it covers more than 70% of the surface. It is in the oceans, in the land we walk on and it is in the air we breathe. Our bodies are 70% water and our brains 90%.

The Brehon law system
Make no mistake about it Brehon law is a living, breathing, vibrant law system of huge significance for this island and the world. As well as holding precedence over common law/international law, it is my understanding Indigenous people in North and South America have used aspects of Brehon law as an example of earth based peoples principles to regain territories lost to common/international law.

Walking your talk
There are many misconceptions in the world today as to what a Druid is and was. Propaganda of the past has muddied the waters of clarity. Today people debate over points that were written down hundreds of years ago by people who were not Druids. They argue over definitions, they make assumptions and pronouncements based on flimsy historical secondary evidence.
Sl� an Dru� Journal Imbolg 2013 (excerpts only)

Sl� an Dru� Journal Imbolg 2013 (excerpts only)

Imbolg Ceremony on Wednesday 30 Jan 2013 report
Just two of us gathered here for a noon ceremony on Wednesday 30th of January to honour Imbolg. Brigid is the Goddess of this time of year and in honouring the tradition of the letting go of the old and bringing in of the new - we did this at the night of the Imbolg Full Moon and at the Imbolg Sun ceremony too. Samhain and Imbolg share the same Sunrise position on the horizon and so are very linked.

Celtic Druid's Imbolg
Brigid, Celtic Goddess
Brigid: this is her story, Breo Saighead, Brid, Brighid meaning - "Fiery Arrow or Power". Brid is a pre Celtic three-fold goddess, the daughter of The Dagda, and the wife of Bres of the Formorians. As wife to Tuireann she bore three sons Creidhne, Luchtaine and Giobhniu. She has an apple orchard in the Otherworld to which bees travel to obtain it's magical nectar.

Celtic Druid's Spring Equinox
Equinox means "equal night" and this happens because the sun is positioned above the equator and at this time of the year - day and night are about equal in length all over the world. The Spring Equinox is sometimes referred to as the Vernal Equinox, vernal means spring so together the Vernal Equinox means 'Spring Equal Night and Day'. This is the start of the Astrological year when the Sun enters 0* of the Sign of the Ram (Aries). The famous Egyptian priests built their Great Sphinx to point directly toward the rising Sun on this day every year.

The Spirit of the Celtic Dragon part 3
The Goddess of the Land expressed as Maeve or Mead is an example of the Dragon's energy as fertility in Irish history. The Dragon is the life force or energy of the land that rises at Spring and rests at Autumn - this has been hidden or suppressed from public awareness for a long time. This concept of the Pagan Goddess / Dragon Energy as fertility in our (church written) stories and manuscripts is missing. This is because they sought to replace the existing respect for the Celtic Way.

Brehon Law is caring for the land
Let's get away from the false idea of ownership and look at a better and more respectful attitude to being here on and with planet Earth. Stewardship is close to the ideal but caretaker is more hands-on when it comes to explaining what it really means to be caring for the land. You're not in control of the land anyway but this only becomes clear when you realize your own impending mortality and the notion that the land existed before you and will certainly outlive you.

Listening To That Little Voice
Have you ever done something which you couldn't explain? Follow a hunch, a gut feeling or a little voice in the back of your head that whispers to you to do something random or maybe even a little bizarre. Here are two stories where I surrendered to that hunch, that little voice and was gifted with unforeseen rewards. Sometime in the summer of 2012 Druidschool Ireland made a post on Facebook, that post included a photograph. In the photograph there was a piece of quartz crystal, a pine cone & a seashell. The symbols are our representations of the three realms and the three cauldrons.

Nature's Orgonite
Mother Earth generates the primary life force that allows us humans to live here. We need living water and air with the correct % of oxygen and living food to grow and develop but we could never make 'life as we know it' happen without this primary life force. Many people have begun to rediscover this hidden energy and are making synthetic tools and jewelry using some of the principles presented to us by Dr Wilhelm Reich. But there are serious problems with what they are doing.

Sacred Fire
I first got to know Fire during Samhain 2003 this is when The Dark Moon Grove decided to rekindle the ancient Fire lighting ceremony on Tlachtga. This meant lighting a Fire from a brand new spark, no matches, no petrochemicals, transferring that spark to tinder and kindling and starting a Fire in a Fire box. It was to be the first of 3 sacred Fires in an 8 hour ritual ceremonial journey. The new year�s Fire Spirit needed to be carried from Tlachtga, to Tara, light another Fire there and then on to Sliabh na Caillaigh for the final Fire and ceremony of the night, then transported home to light our own home Fire. Our grove also decided that it should be a woman to birth the spark; this huge responsibility was offered to me.

The Spirit of Brehon Law is in it's intention
Irish politics has changed a lot in the last few years. A growing number of our politicians have been caught doing wrong things and various tribunals have repeatedly exposed numerous and huge corruption scandals, with brown envelopes full of money being given to top politicians for planning and other favors. Very few politicians and no judges seem to get convicted as they deny, lie and twist events to effectively say 'you can't catch me'. There seems to be no end to the size of this problem. We even had an attempt by politicians under tribunal investigation to limit the financial cost of tribunals so (we are informed seriously) as to not cripple the exchequer that has to pay the excessive legal fees for both sides in some cases.

The Celtic Triplicities
When we study the true Celtic expression of Paganism in the ancient law texts and other writings we find a moral and ethical code that includes ideas such as: Respect (for Nature and all its creatures), Honour (as defined by the community) , Truth (as simple purity), Service to the Community (the greater common good), Loyalty to friends, family, and local community (trusting each other), Hospitality (sharing food and comforts), Justice (the spirit of the Law)

Druid legends of catastrophe
The Druids of ancient times had no illusions about the stability of our planet or about the other planets in our solar system. They had inherited knowledge of earlier catastrophic happenings, and this led them to believe that the earth would be destroyed by fire and water. But they always preached that the universe and the souls of those living in it are indestructible. In the legendary voyage of Snedgus and McRiagla there is an island with two lakes, one of fire and the other one of water.
Sl� an Dru� Journal Beltine 2013 (excerpts only)

Sl� an Dru� Journal Beltine 2013 (excerpts only)

Beltine Ceremony on Saturday 4th of May report
This year we had 3 events to host here at Ireland's Druidschool on the 4th of May 2013 - our Beltine ceremony in the Bog Oak outer temple with twin fires, then everyone paid respects to Crom, the God of Fertility who sits over the Tribann Gate to the wooden roundhouse in the Torc and then the Celtic Handfasting of Con and Niamh!

Celtic Druid's Beltine
Beltine means 'the two fires of Bile' (pronounced as Bil-ah) and refers to a ritual of purification. The month of May is called Bealtaine as Gaeilge and it marks the first day of summer. This was a specifically Irish holiday and many of the other Celtic cultures also celebrate a springtime festival known by a range of names. This is one of Eightfolds of the Solar Year of the Tuatha De Danann.

Celtic Druid's Summer Solstice
Solstice is from the Latin and is made up from two words given roughly as: sol = sun and stice = stopped. Celtic Dru�ds do not believe that the Sun stops so we use the old Irish word 'Tairisem' which means standing still. In summer this Sun Standing happens in the month of June around the 20th, 21st or 22nd when we honour Edain Eachraidhe, the White Mare Goddess.

Against Tobacco in Spiritual Ceremony
Woodbine is a native power herb - it also grows wild in Ireland and would help people to return to a stronger connection to Nature. We should not be trying to go back in time or pretending to be foreigners but to re-establish a better now. Here and now. Sin e, anseo anois (that�s it, here and now)

Divining Da Dergas Hostel
In an old legendary account of the Destruction of Da Dergas Hostel we have an account of the death of Conaire, King of Ireland, whose rule was good and reign peaceful. These five royal roads all went to Tara. The King was given a welcome and the feast was prepared by Da Derga himself. During the feast an earthquake shook the building "So that the weapons fell from their racks". King Conaire cried out aloud ...

Fertility Rights
Sometimes the Goddess brings special things into your life in ways that reaffirm your path as a true and holy way. This happens more and more for me in my life as a teaching Celtic Druid but it happened for me in a very beautiful and special way on my recent May fortnight in Cornwall. This is what Fertility Rights are about - Working in Partnership with the Energies of Life.

An Geallach B�n L�n Anois.
On Tara, Druidschool Ireland has held open and free ceremonies for every Full Moon since the Spring Equinox 2003. I have been holding the space since Samhain 2010. Attending this ceremony over the years has become an important part of who I am & has led me down a path I never expected to travel. Standing on the Hill of Tara over the last number of years has helped me step out of man-made time & become more in- tune with the natural cycle of the earth & nature itself.

Hard Core Reality Therapy
The theme here is 'Waking up to the Light' by being aware of the darkness of lies, disintegration and false histories by shining Light into Darkness. The Sun rises in the East - No it does not! It stays exactly where it is and this planet Earth turns from west to east to allow the Sun's energy to reach us. It only appears to rise in the east when in fact it stays where it is and Earth turns around to receive its Light.

Quartz Age
Technology and Machinery of the Irish Quartz Age. Earth Energy exists everywhere on this planet. We know many old names for this subtle energy. The challenge has always been to maintain a balance between the positive and negative aspects of this energy. This happens naturally on many levels, but to ensure human survival it was and is necessary to work with nature to enhance a long-term balance that is not much affected by out side events.

The Alchemy of Menstruation - a modern male perspective
Men were not allowed awareness of the high magic that occurs during the release stage of the menstrual cycle for good reasons. I would suggest that this was primarily because we could never actually experience the transformation except as voyeurs, which would mean that we could only take and not give to the ritual. Men had their own rituals. But they did not have the strength of connection to the source that women had / have, which is intensified at the time of bleeding.

Celtic Druid or Roman Druid?
This short essay is an attempt to help define the difference between the two versions of the 'Druid' path available today - the True Path of the Celtic Druid and the Confusion of the 'Roman Druid. I see the difference clearly - a Celtic Druid works with the Three Realms and the Roman Druid works with the Four Elements of Roman/Greek (classical) model. To those who don't know much about the Three Realms - they may be summarised as Sky, Sea and Land

Finding The Celtic Path in the Aquarian Age
The ancient and the modern Celt are bonded by their common use of symbol, religion, history, customs, art and culture and specially language. Being a Celt in name does not mean you come from a blood group or race or a place. Thousands of years ago, everyone could become a Celt by adopting the mannerisms, speaking Celtic, respecting the system and contributing to the community and being involved in 'Pagan prayer' and this is still true today.
Sl� an Dru� Journal Lughnasa 2013 (excerpts only)

Sl� an Dru� Journal Lughnasa 2013 (excerpts only)

Lughnasa Ceremony on Friday 2nd of August report
This year we celebrated Lughnasa on the 21st of June at midday - about 1:30 by the conventional clock. Ard Drui Red John, his wife Finola and their two sons joined us for all of Friday. We held our first harvest ceremony inside the luxury of our wooden roundhouse - Temple Crom. Red John and his family had helped in the construction of our wooden roundhouse and it was a pleasure to have them join us as always.

Summer Solstice 2013 report
This year to celebrate the Summer Solstice, we quietly headed for Croagh Crom, Ireland�s holy mountain. It was�nt one of those overly sunny days but it was not raining either. We had a plan but as always we allow for the plan to evolve due to weather... It was a Friday - Aoine Crom Dubh or in English - Black Crom Friday. This needs a little explanation - Crom is the oldest fertility God of Ireland and was traditionally covered in or made of Gold.

The Chieftan and the Druid on Croagh Crom
An adventure up the holy mountain on a horse - wow, what a day, what an experience! On the 26th of June, Dru� Martin collected me in his Rover and we then collected the horse box and Chieftan, a full 16.3 hands stallion that works in forestry with Derek, his owner, for his day job. We went to the Miners Path on the north west side of Croagh Crom. The miners were digging for Gold in Croagh Crom / the Reek - this sacred mountain is made from Quartzite and Gold!

Celtic Druid's Summer Solstice
The Sun festivals of ancient Ireland are still known by their old Irish names, Imbolg, Beltine, Lughnasa and Samhain. These Sun festivals are many thousands of years old; they have survived an imperial invasion and occupation for 800 years and the attempted erasure of indigenous consciousness by the catholic church for almost 1500 years. These Sun festivals are the gateway for today's Celtic Men and Women to celebrate with the Celtic Gods � Brigid at Imbolg, Bile at Beltine, Lugh at Lughnasa and Tlachtga at Samhain.

Celtic Druid's Lughnasa
Lughnasa means "the games of Lugh" (pronounced as Lou) and refers to the assembly for games at the time of the first of three harvests. The month of August is called Lughnasadh in Gaelic and it marks the last day of summer. This was a specifically Gaelic holiday and many of the other Celtic cultures also celebrate a autumn festival known by a range of names. As Beltine marks the start of summer - Lughnasa marks the end of summer. History associates Lughnasa with the Lugh, a leading Celtic deity and hero.

So much in life has to do with personal responsibility, we will never get to peaceful community life until we all practice personal responsibility. We've read the self help and amateur psychology books, we get a sense of what this might mean. It more often than not brings up a sense of guilt or feelings of inadequacies...'all this crap happening in my life is mine, I have to deal with it all myself', true, yet where's the happiness in that...'I'm learning to deal with my anger, I'm slowly accepting my fear, I'm managing my life' yeah right!

Who are the Dru� today?
The Dru� (aka Celtic Druids) are those who live and practice their spirituality based on a Celtic way of understanding. These Dru� are the educated male and female intellectual intuitives who seek to serve the common good in the highest most practical way at all times. The term �Dru� includes the function known today as priest/ess in that they serve the people in ceremonial ways but the �Dru� are also found at all levels of professional life in the Celtic world. Looking through all the old manuscripts we do not find prayer or worship as found in modern hierarchical religions.

Ceremonies at Temple Crom
Our wooden roundhouse has been quite busy since the roof was finished. The night of the Full Moon ceremony on April 25th we (Dru� Eugene and Martin and I) installed our wooden Crom over the entrance gate to the Torc that surrounds the roundhouse. We had a sacred fire in the Bog Oak outer temple for our Full Moon ceremony and when I looked up to the Sky Realm I could see 30 or more long Dragon clouds. All around us - 360* of Dragon clouds! This we took as approval because it gave a strong feeling of connection to Crom for all of us being grounded at what we now call Temple Crom.

Living Water and its Secrets
Science has caused our problem with water.Science, this is - combined with exploitation and greed and lack of concern regarding environmental impact. This is the root cause of the problem. The science that has been used over the last 100 years has caused the damage to our water, air, and earth on the scale of global metabolic disorder that has almost put our planet into toxic shock. This is the result of left brain scientific analysis and formulae. It kind of started when Baron Von Liebig reduced a living tree to ashes in the late 1800�s. He separated the ashes into their different chemical groups and stated that this is what makes a tree. This was done by taking the water and life force out of the tree first and then analysing the ash. He was wrong to say the ash is the tree, when the water and life force were what made the tree live.

Divining Vibrations
Healing at Sacred Sites - All healing depends on vibrations within the terrain of a body. By healing I mean return to balance, by vibrations I mean the rate of movement; by terrain I mean the entire sum of all fluids within the body. Said another way; the balance between ease and dis-ease is based on the rate of movement within the blood, the lymph and the urine etc in the body. Sluggish terrains will automatically reduce the potential benefits from any therapy such as Reiki or Bioenegetics or Vortexhealing. This is because the heaviness or the low viscosity of a sluggish terrain will damp down the healing energy that is being fed into the terrain.

Why I walk a Druid Path
Imagine you are suddenly on a survival journey in your own country, (i.e. you are beginning to wake up to exactly who and where you actually are and to where you are going) and you are sharpening your awareness because of potentially unknown dangers. All around you in this concrete jungle are the 'walking dead' (citizen robots) with their angry faces and aggressive driving and bad manners. There is excessive noise that most do not notice, the air is tinged with petrol and diesel fumes, the flashing neon signs pull your eyes this way and that way and people are hitting you with their shoulders as they rush to/from work/home - always in a hurry. In their eyes you see deep fear, on their brows you see tension knots and in their auras you see dark smudges and sharp spikes but very little Light.
Sl� an Dru� Journal Samhain 2013 (excerpts only)

Sl� an Dru� Journal Samhain 2013 (excerpts only)

Samhain 2013 report
Each year we hold multiple ceremonies on the Dark Moon of Samhain at Tlachtga, near Athboy in Co. Meath each year, this is our High Pilgrimage. We gather at Tobar Tlachtga (the Druid�s Well) and add water taken from other Holy Wells by sprinkling while adding our own blessings and thanks. Then we paint our faces� some of us plan new designs for this event and some just do what feels good� It�s to help us get into the sacredness of spirit awareness on this holy day/night. Painting your face with a group who have also painted their faces is a strong protection as well.

Celtic Druid's Samhain
The Celtic New Year starts on the Dark Moon of Samhain. This timing of the dark (i.e. new, but not visible) moon to start the new year marks a time of no direct solar or reflected lunar input, thereby requiring the Earth Goddess to give birth in her own right / rite to the new year. All the fires in the whole of Ireland were extinguished and the Druids at Tlachtga (10 miles west of Tara) generated new pure flame. This pure flame was then brought to Tara where, after the High King, the representatives of the tribes and clans could get pure new fire to bring back to their people. Essays and Samhain Reports are available at

Celtic Druid's Winter Sun Standing
This is not a specifically Gaelic holiday and many Pagan cultures celebrate this time with many festivals known by a range of names - Saturnalia, yule (or juul), Christmas, Xmas, the Long Night, Lenaea, the Festival of the Wild Women, Alban Arthuan, Serpent Days, Inti Raymi (Inca), Shabe-Yalda (a.k.a. Shab-e Yaldaa), Soyal (Hopi). The pagan romans called it Dies Natalis Invicti Solis, the Birthday of the Unconquered Sun when they honoured the old Pagan gods - Appolo, Attis, Baal, Dionysus, Helios, Hercules, Horus, Mithra, Osiris, Perseus, and Theseus. See for more detailed info

Crom Ab�, undoing church lies, part 1
A sea stack called D�n Briste (Broken Fort) at Downpatrick Head, near Ballycastle in Co. Mayo has been set out as a diversion for seekers of Crom. The nearby tourist businesses will always keep the spin going for their own commercial reasons. Local (catholick) legend tells us that Crom Dubh was a wicked chieftain and evil druid who with his two sons, was marooned on this sea stack called Downpatrick Head which stands about 100 yards from the mainland. But its not true!

"The Stone of Truth", by Douglas Hyde
The following is unedited by me. Douglas Hyde was Ireland's first president, not a catholick but very involved in our traditions (catholick version) and in the restoration of our Celtic language. To enjoy the story pretend you are sitting by an open turf fire in a dimly lit stone built thatched cottage and the story is told from memory by a man who is standing and occasionally making dramatic gestures....
ST. PATRICK AND CROM DUBH (From "The Stone of Truth", by Douglas Hyde)
Before St. Patrick came to Ireland there lived a chieftain in the Lower Country1 in Co. Mayo, and his name was Crom Dubh.

Fionn Year One, the great hunter returns
On the eve of 21/12/2012 Fionn (aka Orion / Osiris) reached his culmination in the night sky. The corporate media promoted this date as the end of the known world. It was not the end but a time of culmination as it has been almost 25 thousand years since Fionn stood so high in the night sky. His outstretched left arm reached into a place in the sky known as the Trifid Nebula, a place where new galaxy�s are born into our view. To his left was the white horned bull known as Finnbenach (aka Gemini) and to his right was the Donn (aka Taurus), these are the two bulls of the Tain Bo Cuailgne whose eternal battle rages on even today as seen by the late autumn meteor showers they give us. Fionn / Orion has many names...

Edward Williams, Ned of Glamorgan or Iolo Morganwg (1747-1826)
Ned was a dreamer and a forger. He was addicted to the drug laudanum (Opium) to ease his asthma and this drug taking definitely affected his perception of the world. When Iolo died in 1826 Wales had scarcely begun to fathom the full nature and extent of his invention and deceit. Here we will share research that shows the false path that many follow in the misguided belief that Iolo's forgeries can guide them to Celtic Druid 'awareness'. His unfortunate penchant for forgery has created a false premises for the foundation on which to build an understanding / wisdom tradition for many in the 'accepted' modern Druid Tradition

Druid Morainn and Truth
The following words are an important part of ancient Gaelic Druid knowledge. The truth as given by a wise Druid Morainn to a young king almost 2000 years ago is still relevant today. Testament of Morann son of Moen to Feradach Find Fechtnach son of Craumthann Nia Nar. Read, reflect and enjoy -

The Freedom of the Celtic Spirit
We are born with Spiritual Freedom as a birthright, but this is not common knowledge as it has been hidden from us. To stay spiritually free we need to make a series of choices as we �grow up�. At the same time we may also choose to abandon such notions in order to appease mammy and daddy, to have companions, to survive and to fit in. Either way it is all about the choices that we make and this becomes more obvious as we grow older. This is not to say that all older people have spiritual freedom but that they may understand such ideas much more than people who are in early adulthood.
Sl� an Dru� Journal Imbolg 2014 (excerpts only)

Sl� an Dru� Journal Imbolg 2014 (excerpts only)

Welcome to edition eight of the Sl� an Dru� Journal. Our ancestors saw Imbolg as the time between winter and spring when new life was all around. Imbolg means 'in the bag' and from this we can see pregnant sheep (lamb in the bag/womb), grain stored in waxed leather bags for planting when the Earth warms up enough, buds on trees beginning to swell and an overall shift from hibernation to preparation for growth. This is the time of the Goddess Brigid, who is still honoured today (albeit as a catholic saint) with schoolchildren making straw or rush crosses.

Imbolg 2014 Report
I celebrated Imbolg on Thursday 3oth of January in the Hemp Hall on my own. For me this is the exact time when the star associated with Brigid traditionally called Formhault is no longer visible when the Sun is at 10* of Aquarius. The Brigid star is inside the Earth at this time. I was warm and dry and happy to be inside looking out at the 9 acres of newly planted forest of native woodland. It felt great. On the following Saturday 1st of February Niamh and I repeated our Imbolg ceremony again in the Hemp Hall. There were no guests or visitors probably due to the harsh weather. We sat down after ceremony and made some Brigid Crosses.

Celtic Druids Imbolg
Imbolg means �in the bag� but is understood as �in the belly� and refers to the coming of milk and the sheep carrying lambs. It is also the availability of lamb meat during the cold season. Many celebrate Imbolg today without awareness to its significance in the past because they are disconnected. Today, our refrigerators protect us and a multitude of shops are open 24/7... But just imagine that there are no shops and its windy, dark, wet and cold and the only foods you have are the seeds for the next years crop / harvest and all the time you know that there are a multitude of young lambs �in the belly� and the importance of this cross-quarter day become real. Full essay at

Celtic Druid's Spring Equinox
"Anois teacht an Earraigh, beidh an l� d�l chun sh�neadh'
Now with the springtime - The days will grow longer.
Equinox means "equal night" and this happens because the sun is positioned above the equator and at this time of the year - day and night are about equal in length all over the world and the days get longer than the nights. But this year ... I've revised our timing for the Spring Equinox by looking deeper into when the day and night are closest to being equal. This means not using astronomy / astrology but instead simply seeing the day and night length are at the most balanced. This year its on Monday March 17th that there is 12 hours 1 minute and 45 seconds of daylight and thats as close as it gets to exact balance with the night. We will attend at Rathra to watch the Sun set into Croagh Crom - over 60 miles 100 km away.

The story of Fionn and Bran agus Sceolan
The great hero, hunter and warrior of Irish mythology is Fionn McCoole and he has two famous hounds - Bran agus Sceolan. As you may guess these are no ordinary dogs but incredible huge beasts with human ancestry and magical awareness. In the old legends Bran is described as a ferocious, white-breasted, sleek-haunched hound; standing as high as mid-chest of a full grown man; fiery, deep black eyes that seemed to swim in sockets of blood. Sceolan was described as slightly smaller than the black beast, small headed, having eyes of a dragon, the claws of a wolf, the vigour of a lion; and the venom of a serpent. These two Chimeras are monstrous creatures with parts from multiple animals with human parents yet ultimately they teach us kindness because they would not kill the deer that was once a woman called Sadbh who became the wife of Fionn!

Birth of Bran
A short story excerpt by Lady Gregory from Gods and Fighting Men, a book we recommend to all parents to read to children - THIS, now, is the story of the birth of Bran. Finn�s mother, Muirne, came one time to Almhuin, and she brought with her Tuiren, her sister. And lollan Eachtach, a chief man of the Fianna of Ulster, was at Almhuin at the time, and he gave his love to Tuiren, and asked her in marriage, and brought her to his own house. But before they went, Finn made him gave his word be would bring her back safe and sound if ever he asked for her, and he bade him find sureties for himself among the chief men of the Fianna.

10.000 new tree spirits to care for!
Here at the Celtic Druid Temple we are delighted and thrilled to be the guardians for over 10,000 new tree spirits. Many of these trees are gifts from friends around the country, some are cuttings from Willow trees we got from friends in Clones, some are wedding presents, birthday presents, some we bought and some are volunteers self seeded from the trees already growing here when we got this farm, but we've just had 9,000 new broad leaf trees professionally planted and they all need caring for! This is an opportunity for you to be part of re-establishing the link between people and forests as we need help hand weeding these trees in Summer 2014 so we can prevent chemical spraying for weed control.

The Cauldron of Poesy
trans - Erynn Rowan Laurie 1995/1998

Mo� coire coir goiriath
gor rond n-�r D�a dam a d�ile dnemrib;
dliucht s�ir s�erna broinn
b�lrae mbil br�chtas �ad.

My perfect cauldron of warming
has been taken by the Gods from the mysterious abyss of the elements;
a perfect truth that ennobles from the center of being,
that pours forth a terrifying stream of speech.

Celtic Druid Temple Almanac 2014
Four graphics with our activities detailed for 2014 and a back to back print off paper Almanac - hope you can attend some of these events! We have produced an almanac for 2014 containing dates of our planned activities and a brief description of who we are and what we do so people can copy and print it out to have handy. Please print on both sides of a single page, fold in half and then fold again in half - it should fit in your pocket, wallet or purse
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