TARA na Ri
Tara. The name conjures a magic feeling in the hearts of those who have never even visited Tara. For those who have visited Tara - the memories are truely awe inspiring. For those who visit regularily - the guardians of this sacred place can be felt if you allow them to do so, words alone cannot share the magic at Tara. Many have visited only once and it has changed their lives.
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But there is a problem, there is an attempt to force a TOLL ROAD through the high valley between Tara and Skreen. This sacred valley is called the Gabhra and it contains a little known stream that was once the life blood of the community that lived beside the royal residence on Tara. The Gabhra stream is sacred to the Celtic Goddess - Edain Echraidhe of the Gaelic Mileseans. We need your help - please be involved in Dreaming Tara's Celtic Goddess and if you wish - please also join us at Druidschool in spirit as we hold a full moon ceremony on Tara. Please see our Druidschool Calendar for upcoming activities and Druidschool�s Youtube for videos of past activities.
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