Living Water

This is a water-based planet - 70% of the surface of Earth is covered in Water.

We are water based lifeforms - our brains are 90% and our bodies are 70% Water.

This Water is saline or salty with the same salt mix as the Sea.

We are alive because the Sea is alive.

This Water transforms itself consciously and freely, generating the web of Life.

This is called Living Water and Uisce Beo in the Irish language.

Living Water contains the life force in abundance.

We can drink the Light. We can learn how to hold the Light.

As a Celtic Druid you will learn that all the elements are alive; living water, living earth, living fire, living air and that through them living Spirit is expressed.

You must make your own relationship with Living Water because your body is its temple.

We can advise on how to clean the temple and on how to get to Living Water.

This is the Age of Aquarius and Leo, where the water carrier pours from high up in the air on to the earth and the whole cycle is driven by the fire of the sun - generating Spirit.

There is no separation - only the illusion of a limited perspective.

Living Water has an expanded perspective / shiny Aura, being fully connected to all this is.

Drink Water children, because it's the Age of Aquarius (the Water Carrier, an Air sign).
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