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The Alchemy of Menstruation - a modern male perspective

Men were not allowed awareness of the high magic that occurs during the release stage of the menstrual cycle for good reasons. I would suggest that this was primarily because we could never actually experience the transformation except as voyeurs, which would mean that we could only take and not give to the ritual.

Men had their own rituals. But they did not have the strength of connection to the source that women had / have, which is intensified at the time of bleeding. However, some men broke the rules and changed our ancient ways. from "The Holy Wells of Ireland", pg 50In the Tripartite Life of St. Patrick there is a story of the saint's visit to Cruachan, where the kings of Connacht lived. The saint with his companions came to the well called Clebach, which was set at the east of Cruachan and there at sunrise they met the daughters of the High King, who came to the well to wash 'after the Custom of Women.' The saint spoke to them and told them about his mission and baptised them, with water from a well. During a recent (1975) visit to Tulsk in Co. Roscommon I learned of a local belief that Tobar Oguila near Tulsk is the well called Clebach, and people used visit it on St. Patrick's Day. It is now visited on a Sunday in June, and Mass is said at the well. by Patrick Logan

'after the Custom of Women' is capitalised as in the book and says to me the this was their time of bleeding. They lived in a time when the energies of the Mother Earth were in balance and as the daughters of the king they would also have enjoyed the luxury (right / rite) of the Moon Rituals and thereby all bled at the same time. Auld Paddy was a cute hoor and to play at that level probably an eyeball diviner / voyeur or today a perverted dirty old man spying on young ladies washing their neither regions for a day or two before introducing himself. The dates given are spurious in that 17 March or a Sunday in June do not connect with the fullness of the Lunar Goddess, which as we know draws tides and blood flow to her. To fix the date denies the connection to the Moon and was designer dis-empowerment by men on women.

Today, to say that a Matriarchy existed is to be fooled by the Patriarchy into supporting the system that keeps women down and as such is a form of control by language. I prefer to use the terms used by Diane Reisler in her recent book "The Chalice and the Blade" - Dominator and Partnership. The Dominator is the Patriarchy and Partnership is the previous way of men and women living together with the planet. By this I hope the reader can see that there never was a Matriarchy, it was a notion invented by men only to hold women down. Why did this have to happen? Was it just a part of the dark ages of Galactic Night? Now that we (i.e. our solar system) are entering the Photon Belt and Orion is reaching his peak (20-12-2002) we are coming back into the Light of Galactic Day and we will be able to see clearly again. For 11,000 years we humans have been in survival mode, but the time has now come for us to enter fully into the Age of Aquarius and Leo. This Age is the time of telepathy and open truth. To be able to wake up from the Great Sleep of Galactic Night we need to break the disinformation myths of the Dominator. It is my hope that this article can contribute to the deconstruction of lies so that the Light can shine again from the inside. It is also an attempt by a man to redress the balance by offering deep truth in Love.

Our Ancestors from the Partnership Times held the idea that everything needed to make a baby was contained in the menstrual blood. This idea was supported by the visible growth of a baby and the suspension of bleeding for the gestation. The idea here was that the baby was eating or being made from or by the blood that would normally be lost moonthly. But the important concept was that it was the God that would impregnate the woman and that a human man would maybe only add a flavour (sperm). This idea was held to be true because every man / woman coupling did not produce a baby and babies do not always look like their dads and sometimes only girl children are born to a woman despite the desires of men for boy children. This "blood becomes baby" notion placed women closer to God / Goddess and as A.D. said on page 14 of the Imbolc issue of Immrama 02 - Women were perceived as being in possession of a powerful and (at times) dangerous force around which many taboos were established. I would suggest that these taboos came with the appearance of the Dominator way.

The "blood becomes baby" notion was easy to believe, but it was also easy to twist to fit the Dominator concept. Dominator Man decided that sperm was everything - the baby blueprint. The idea here was that the sperm eats the blood and becomes a child. Powerful men needed many sons to hold their power by the sword. Henry the Eight is the best example of a failed male desire to produce male heirs and how the failure was blamed on women who were then made to suffer. The "sperm becomes baby" concept gave men the belief that they were Gods and thereby men felt that they had gained possession of a powerful and (at times) dangerous force that had previously belonged only to women. To be a king you needed sons and swords and male infertility was seen as a non-runner for kingship.

The "blood becomes baby" concept of the Partnership way and the "sperm becomes baby" concept of the Dominator way are both wrong. But they were wrong in different ways. Today, our modern science (with all its failings) informs us "sperm and egg make baby". When we go into this a bit deeper we find that many sperm are needed to create a specific surface tension on the egg to allow one sperm to penetrate the egg for fertilisation. In the egg it is decided whether the resultant child will be male or female. Go in one stage deeper. The powerhouse of the human cell is the mitochondria, this strange sounding thing converts food into energy and is inherited only from the mother. Our ability to turn food into energy / matter is inherited from the Mother.

While the "blood becomes baby" concept of the Partnership way and the "sperm becomes baby" concept of the Dominator way are both wrong, there was supreme advantage in the Partnership way. This was respect for the high office of Mother and an acknowledgement of the awesome power of womanhood. In an attempt to help to rebuild this respect I hope to shatter another myth of the Dominator.

Sexual intercourse by a man and a menstruating woman that includes penetration of the vagina is taboo. It should not be so because during menstruation there is more internal tension / pressure from the concentrated energies and build up of blood and this enhances the pleasure of both parties. It is also a time when a woman can feel more intensely and enjoy full penetrative sex without fear of conception. The �mood swings� that can accompany these periods are often feared by both women and males because of the system programming. The well known PMT can be eased or dissolved when a woman is properly hydrated. This can only be understood when you realise that almost all the people in Ireland are suffering from chronic long-term dehydration and that proper water intake is crucial to health and longevity. A 12 stone six-foot human needs six pints of water every day to maintain proper water balance. This does not include tea, coffee, beer, and fizzy drinks etc., which are all diuretics. For each pint of beer add an extra pint of water. I would recommend (never mind the IMB) drinking a pint of water if there is a build up of menstrual cramps or headaches because this treats cause and not symptom.

Bram Stoker, Yeats, Steiner, Russell and Crowley were all members of the Golden Dawn, a magical society that has achieved much fame. Mr Stoker is becoming famous again as they build a museum to his Vampire books in Kerry. When you analyse this mans writings you see blood as sustaining the life force of the Vampire. The books and movie always show the incisor teeth as extended and sometimes with holes in them. The Vampire punctures / penetrates the large veins in the neck with these extended incisor teeth and sucks blood to stay alive. Female virgins are best. Now I wonder if you are guessing what I am going to suggest next. The Golden Dawn was strong on ritual and many of its members practiced sexual magic as a way to gain power. Crowley was known to practice bestiality and sodomy with male and female partners. Blood and sperm and shit and piss and tears mixed with controlled breathing and a wide variety of drugs will certainly shift your awareness and this is what they did. Now there is no written record of Mr Stoker�s personal magical habits but I would reckon that it was menstrual and not neck blood that he was after. If you were a dark side magician you would have to go for the best blood and guess where you can get it. Transgressing taboo enhances this.

So I am suggesting that the real Vampires are the magicians who consume menstrual blood for the life force it was understood to contain. Before reacting / denying this possibility I ask you to reflect on the "sperm eats the blood and becomes a child" concept of the Dominator model and to remember that the boys of the Golden dawn were heavily involved in control magic (Dominator) for their own personal glory and power. The commercial companies that sell chlorine bleached tampons are today's dark side magicians, their products can contribute to cervical and vaginal illness and thereby support the wrong thinking that menstruation is bad / evil.

Menstrual blood is Holy and not dirty, it is only when humans can hold this awareness firmly as a truth that we will again properly respect women and the Earth. The blood of the earth is the underground streams and the Holy Wells. When these wells boil up they can be seen as the once a year menstruation of the Great Mother. We should rejoice at the release of menstrual blood and water, we should respect the cycles of Nature and we should once again pay homage to the mysteries of womanhood. The Alchemy of Menstruation is transformational healing and is truly glorious, it shows us the Mother as fertile, abundant and self-renewing.
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