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Pills for Ills
There is a tendency today to expect the doctor�s pills to cure all your ills. This is a huge mistake because most pills are designed for profitable suppression of symptoms and seldom treat cause. When you think about it treating cause would not have any profit in it if you compare it to treating a recurring symptom. In most cases a pill would not be of any use to treat cause because the synthetic chemistry of pharmaceutical business is designed for profit. Prozac replacing St. John's Wort Prozac is a fluoride based awareness suppresser. Fluoride is the second most toxic substance next to arsenic. It is cumulative in our bodies. It builds up from our toes. When we get dental fluorosis (white holes and streaks) in our exoskeleton (our teeth) we are full of the poison. Prozac takes three or four days to build sufficient strength to stop us waking up to the truth of the horrors of modern civilisation and the (presumed) hopelessness of our situation as worker robots. Hitler used this mass medication on the ghetto's and concentration camps to great effect through the water supply in much the same way that the Irish Government has done since 1964. Other fluoridated areas include the Basque region of Northern Spain and the Gaza Strip. (Israeli soldiers carry reverse osmosis water filters to remove the poison). St John's Wort is a God given herb and we should grow and use it with thanks and respect. see

Microwave Cookers
These destroyers of food's essential health value get cheaper every year. It is cooking by irradiation and it destroys the flavour and removes the possibility of the enjoyment of the food. One friend has spoken of an awareness (obtained while meditating) of a energy demon on the other side of the food destroyer (microwave) who lives exclusively on the energy value that is removed from the microwaved food. This notion is not all that silly when we recall that there was always a fairy of the hearth, of the kitchen, the milk parlour and so on until recent times. Cooking by electron bombardment is a sure way to shatter the inner geometry's of the enzymes and proteins. Even after removing the food from the death box it continues to cook itself by the speed of activity of the aggressive electrons. DO NOT EAT IT.

Nuclear Power
This means only bombs for killing. There is very little useable power in the form of electricity produced from nuclear reactors. The British would loose all status as a world power if it was not for their production of raw and refined ingredients for bombs from the nuclear industry. At one time the UK had the world's biggest navy and ruled the world. That power is now replaced by the USA and its huge airborne capacity. So for the UK to be a world power today - it must have nuclear bombs. The early tv lies from the nuclear industry showed a kitchen that self cleaned, cooked without waste and allowed the housewife to wear nice frocks.....The reality is that they have unleashed a Dragon. This is the uranium dragon that is needed to guard and hold the vibration that is so terrible when unleashed on mankind. PRAY

Guinness is good for you.
Not any more, this famous black stout has become degraded by identifiable bad ingredients. This is the water that it is based on which is heavily fluoridated, the chemically grown crops that it is made from and the backbones of the cows that it is filtered through at the finings stage. It may be that Guinness filters the fluoride out of the water but they are not aware of the need to remove the information or imprinting of that fluoride from the water so the living water thinks it is still fluoridated. Organic crops will not have the same amount or huge range of manmade agricultural fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides and sprouting preventers as the chemically grown crops that Guinness uses today. A veritable cocktail. High-risk material is a term used by Vet's when they speak of the bones of cows over a certain age. One stage of producing the Devils own brew (to quote Ian Paisley) is the filtering through crushed bones. If you have drank the black stuff you will probably recall that your energy levels went down and that you suffered memory loss and loss of clarity. Now you know why.

All night electric blankets
These convenient modern appliances actually cook us. They work by leaking energy as heat and this type of heat is highly disruptive to our natural subtle energy bodies or Aura. When some one gets sick and becomes bedridden, friends may hope to help with an all night electric blanket but they are in fact actually making it worse. Some of you may be thinking that you could just warm the bed and then turn it off and it will be OK. Wrong thinking. This effectively makes the all night electric blanket into the same as the well-known ordinary electric blanket. Even when your electric blanket is turned off for hours it still disrupts the energies of anyone who lays on it. This is easily understood when you know that even a one hundred watt light bulb can negatively affect our Aura at 100 yards.

Wrap the turkey in tin foil
Aluminium is a deadly toxin to humans. Its main benefit is quicker cooking but this is of no use if it is also going to kill us by accumulating toxicity inside our stomachs. A conventional doctor told a 5-year old child who was suffering from severe hearing loss that there would be a 2-year waiting list or �2000 (1993) cost to have an operation while the alternative herbalist used a Vega test to identify the cause. Poached egg in a pitted aluminium pot caused the problem. The pitting meant that the aluminium was leaking into the food. Chinese herbs (�40) resolved the glue ear deafness and the cause, which was the aluminium pot, was then binned. The doctor�s knife was not used this time. When you get enough aluminium in your belly the metal causes ulcers. This is a torn stomach, pills can hide it for a while but only full detox can cure the cause. AVOID TIN FOIL

Deodorants and antiperspirants
Petrochemical based smell neutralisers cause a much worse problem that they are used to hide. This is in the blocking of our sweat pores with ionic chemicals. If you cannot sweat from under your armpits then you cannot regulate body temperature as efficiently as you were designed to. Your sweat comes from your lymph system, which is the toxin removal opposite of the blood food supply system. Suppressing sweating with chemicals causes problems that may lead to cancer for some users, it is usually the upper part of the breast that is removed;- this is the lymph nodes.

Fish farming is the solution to depleted fish stocks
Not true - interbreeding passes defective genes to wild fish, the farms act as hot houses for disease and both pesticides and antibiotics pollute coastal waters. The fish in these farms are fed with trawled fish from countries like Peru. This is simple to see - five kilos of wild fish (as fish meal) is needed to grow one kilo of farmed Atlantic salmon. Peruvian fishermen are deprived of their staple diet and of their livelihood to serve the high tastes of the wealthy. Cod is now an endangered species. Commercial pollution is not subsidised Energy, dams, traffic aeroplanes and agriculture, all of which pollute, attracts subsidies of $900 billion a year worldwide. In the words of the Earth Council: " the world is spending hundreds of billions of dollars annually to subsidise its own destruction". Fossil fuels were only discovered 250 years ago and this is what started the industrial revolution, causing the release of carbon into our atmosphere. In the future this will be seen as a crime against humankind.

Water, water every where and plenty to drink
One billion people already suffer from a shortage of fresh water. It is estimated that two thirds (66%) of the worlds population will suffer severe water shortages in 25 years. This shortage is entirely man made (read as profitable) - we could choose to give priority to people rather than to industry or industrial agriculture. Peoples use or consumption of freshwater doubles every 20 years - at present 10%, while 65% is used by industrial agriculture and 25% is used by industry. Irrigation is the farming solution to water shortages. In 2,400 bc, irrigated fields in Sumeria produced 2,500 litres of barley per hectare, a respectable yield even by modern standards. By 1,700 bc, the yield fell to 900 litres per hectare. Soon afterwards crop failures began - and that was the end of Sumeria. Most of the great civilisations that depended on irrigation went the same way; salts came to the surface and destroyed their agriculture. Egypt with its annual flooding of the Nile was the exception with its floodwaters rich with silt. This is until 1970, when the Aswan dam was built, which now catches all the silt. The silt cannot renew the land each year and salts build up on the land, the delta fishery is failing and the dam is filling with the main resource - rich silt.

The western lifestyle is the way forward.
This is a silly notion. Our resource base is declining at an alarming rate - if everyone adopted the western lifestyle we would need five earths� to support us. When Gandhi was asked for his views on Western civilisation he replied, "I think it would be a good idea". In the USA, (pioneer of modern industrial agriculture) half of its topsoil has been lost in the last 100 years. The 20% of people living in the rich countries consume 86% of the world�s resources.

The Global Village is creating equality
A complete lie - The income gap between the top and bottom fifth of the worlds people jumped from 30:1 in 1960 to 74:1 in 1997. The 20% of world population in rich countries have 80% of the world's GDP. In 1967 Switzerland was 50 times richer than Mozambique, but in 1997 it was 500 times richer. A major cause of inequality is an economy based on charging interest. Money flows from the poor who need to borrow from the rich who have spare cash to lend, but they want this cash back with huge interest. One in five children in the UK live below the poverty line.

Better food is costing us less
75% of food costs in the developed world lie in processing, packaging and distribution. Intensive pesticide use in the US has over the last 50 years doubled the amount of crops lost to pests. In 1996 Britain exported 49 million kg of butter and imported 47 million kg! Cereal produced by industrial agriculture requires 6 or 7 times as much energy input as traditional farming. Daffodils from Cornwall go to Lincoln in refrigerated lorries, are flown to Holland for packaging, then flown back to the north of England, put on another plane, and then flown to New York for sale.

Genetic crops will feed the world's poor
The yield of GM Soya is 6% less than normal Soya. This is the first GM crop with which rigorous tests have been carried out over a number of years. Herbicide-resistant GM plants can cross-pollinate with wild plants to create "superweeds". Since the forced introduction of GM crops in the US, farmers have been using more pesticides and herbicides, not less. Monsanto's 'New Leaf' potato incorporates pesticides in every cell, and the potato itself has to be registered as a pesticide.

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