The Grail

The Grail is an Awareness and not a cup.

Sir Laurence Gardner says that the Tuatha De Danann were referred to as the "Dragon Lords of Anu". The proper translation is the "people or tribe or clan of the Goddess Anu". In their day were never called the Sidhe. The term Sidhe is one given by the Church to declassify the Tuatha De Danann from their noble Atlantean ancestry and to turn them into fairies, which is what the term sidhe means when it is translated. They did not settle in Ireland about 800 BC, nor did they come from Mesopotamia. It must always be remembered that the scribes of the Catholic Church wrote most of the written records of Ireland�s prehistory. They had a vested interest in devaluing the true ancestry of a once noble race. All of the early invasions of Ireland were deliberately jumbled up, all the gods had sad or weak deaths and that it was only because of a long standing oral tradition that this strategy of disinformation was needed.

Sir Laurence seems to have forgotten this when he spoke of the Tuatha De Danann. The reality is that the Tribe of Anu landed from the air in the north west of Ireland at Co. Mayo. They also brought four magical totems with them. These are; the Lia Fail or the stone of destiny, which cried out when the proper king touched it (some researchers say it was loaned to an Irish Chieftain for his coronation as King of Scotland, this story goes on to include the possibility that the Lia Fail is now under the seat that British Monarchs use for their coronation, remember that Irish kings were elected and British kings were bloodlines), a magical spear that whistled when thrown and never missed its target, a magical harp that would make its own music when the proper king was under threat of death and the Cauldron of Plenty that never went empty, that is to say it was a source of continual abundance.

Newgrange is getting older every decade by on average 1,000 years per decade since 1950 regardless of the Church disinformation stories. Even the archaeologists, themselves mostly Catholic and therefore reluctant the challenge the Church written records, now acknowledge that re-calibrated carbon dating based on adjustments relating to ambient carbon in prehistory mean that this solar temple is much older than thought. The age of the winter solstice temple is now hitting 6,000 years old. The first inhabitant of Newgrange was Dagda, the god who was good for everything. He was married to the Boyne River (an aspect of the Goddess) in an ancient ritual and their offspring was Oangus. There are many stories about these first inhabitants of Newgrange and they are all sad in their endings, but this was because the endings were written down by monks to lower the God's magic. They were however, unable to disappear them completely because of oral tradition.

The point being made here is that the main players in the tribe of Anu were playing out their last dramas at the bend in the Boyne 6,000 years ago or well over two thousand years before the reptilians had even visited this planet, or 2,000 years before Stonehenge. Bear in mind that the huge mounds; Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth were the last in a series of what the archaeologists call passage graves. They were in fact solar temples and while they are the biggest discovered so far, if they were the latest at 6,000 years old, then which of the 300 or so remaining passage Cairns or solar stone temples were the first and when were they built?

Our archaeologists do not like to think about advanced humans as a possibility before 6,000 years ago, so they conspire to discount the evidence. The race that built these passage solar temples suddenly disappear about the time the sea levels stopped rising, which is now dated to about 5,500 years ago. There is a gap in the archaeological record until 4,000 years ago and the technology levels of this "new" invader were not nearly as advanced as their predecessors.

Is it possible that the Cauldron of Plenty of Dagda and the Tribe of Anu was in reality a consciousness of Nature and therefore respect for Nature and thereby a constant source of abundance as today's permaculturalists teach us? Has its truth remained for us only as an adopted idea by a neighbouring country as the Grail?

Remember the following realities when considering the above questions. Nine hundred years ago the one and only English Pope gave an English King permission to invade and conquer temporal Ireland. Since then there has been a two-pronged attempt to destroy all Irish race consciousness, traditions and history. Newgrange is not the old Irish name for the winter solstice temple, it is Br� na Boinne, and Br� translates as the otherworldly palace or place of never ending party and happiness. Need I remind you of the Irish need for party or craic!

I personally believe it to be completely feasible that the Grail is a misunderstanding of the Cauldron of Plenty as a stolen concept by a neighbouring nation. If you can truly look into the cauldron of Nature with full consciousness then you can only see plenty of abundance for all If you can allow yourself, put beside this the knowledge that the English Kingship was always won by the sword and that abundance was (by the sword) the exclusive right of the King then you will have moved a step closer to answering the two most important questions of the Grail -

"What is the Grail?" and "Whom does it serve?"

Think about it.
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