Celtic New Year 2016
We celebrate the start of the Celtic New Year at the Dark Moon of Samhain on Tuesday 10th of November. We begin at the Druid�s Well before Sunset and then go to Tlachtga 4 ring enclosure to create a new fire spirit. We bring this fire spirit to Tara by 8pm and hold our 2nd sacred fire. Everyone is welcome to attend at Tara. Bring your candle lantern to take home a new sacred fire spirit. Then we go on to Sliabh na Callighe for our 3rd sacred fire.

Dru� Fasach Initiations
In 2015 we hold Initiations for Dru� Fasach (druid of knowledge) on Wednesday Nov 11th. This is for student druids who have completed the three Sea, Sky and Land courses or our online homestudy course.
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