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Full Moon "Ritual of Protedction" on Tara during 2005

Every moonth, since Lunar Samhain 03, Celtic Druids and Apprentices from the Dark Moon Grove (with friends and members of Druidschool) hold a "Ritual of Protection" for Tara at Tara on the night of the Full Moon. This public Fire Ceremony is open to all, this means that everyone who has a wish / desire to protect the integrity of Tara and its Landscape Setting is welcome.

We will hold free public ceremony with a "Ritual of Protection" for Tara at the Full Moon on the following dates in 2005 �

Tuesday 25 Jan (Leo)
Thursday 24 Feb (Virgo)
Friday 25 Mar (Libra)
Sunday 24 Apr (Scorpio) Eclipse
Monday 23 May (Sagittarius)
Wednesday 22 June (Capricorn) Summer Solstice Full Moon
Thursday 21 July (Capricorn)
Friday 19 Aug (Aquarius)
Sunday 18 Sep (Pisces) Eclipse
Monday 17 Oct (Aries) Eclipse
Wednesday 16 Nov (Taurus)
Thursday 15 Dec (Gemini)

We gather at the car park stile at 7:30pm and we are usually finished on or about 9:30ish. No fee is charged and children are welcome under supervision of guardians / parents. No drink, no drugs, no dogs or rockets please. You could bring a few small pieces of dry wood from under the hedge or any forest for the Ritual Fire, but not processed timber. This is because the Ritual Fire is always made from Sacred Woods and contributions from all over Ireland and the World are welcome for releasing the Light of Tara again. You could bring some incense to send a fragrant blessing into the air. You may wish to bring a crystal for charging up or for adding potency to our ritual. If so, please ask the leaders permission to place it / them by the Sacred Fire on the ground. But the best thing to bring is you and a pure intention to protect Tara. Bring a smile.

Q. What is it that we actually do at a Full Moon Ceremony?
A. Good question.
We start by greeting everyone and then we walk into the fields of Tara. We walk up the gravel path towards the de-consecrated church and stop about 20 steps before the gates. We turn west and face the statue of St. Patrick. Words are spoken in Irish that may be translated as "your work is done, thank you and goodbye". Then we walk west to the top of the Banqueting Hall where the authorities have installed a gravel area in part of the ditch in order to allow access to the fields by Ambulance etc. This excellent location is at the northwest corner of the church graveyard, to the northeast of the Rath of the Synods and at the southern end of the Banqueting Hall - the meeting of three temples. Here we make a Ritual Fire.

Druidschool uses a small cast iron potbelly stove fitted into a steel inset basin with some welded strapping for all of our ritual fires. This means that the fire is off the ground and cannot damage the surface of anywhere, especially the sacred temples. A Ritual Fire is always made from Sacred Woods, which are bit of branches and not factory processed timbers. Our little fire pot can take branches up to 18 inches long. The cleansing and transmuting power of the fire can be used to release hurt, negativity or anger by sending this into a piece of wood and then adding this piece of wood to a Sacred Fire where the flames completely change the offering into heat and smoke and light. You may also imprint something into wood (by your intention or by writing on it) and cast it as a wish in to the Sacred Fire for activation.

Celtic Druidism is a Path of Spirit and you are always in direct contact with the Source and at gatherings like this Earth Healing there is a greater connection to Source available to us all. The leader will announce the Dedication of the Ceremony as the "Ritual of Protection" for Tara. The problem is identified and the solution suggested. The entire group is then taken through the Celtic Druids Cross of Light to activate and harmonise chakras and auric egg. Then, Celtic Druids present in the group will send a "Ritual Blessing to the Three Realms". The four Quarters of the cardinal points are the first circle. The procedure to follow is explained. Having prepared 'our space' we then invoke the Elements to be with us. We form a circle and hold hands. Using the "Magical Breath" we energise our circle and build up life force energy into our Circle of Light. Then the leader will ask us to "take a step back" to make room for those we are about to invoke. We then make a healing circle where we name friends who need healing.

Now that we have a clean space with fresh energy and a gathering of humans for a healing we can call on many etheric helpers. The leader calls on our magical ancestors and on the power of Tara itself. He then opens the floor for others to invoke more helpers to protect Tara. Everyone can have input by a sun-wise rotation at this stage Then the leader will ask us to "take a step back" to make more room for those who have joined us magically in our second circle.

Now we call on the Cherubic Guardians of Every Shrine to join us from each of the Four Directions. The leader calls on the energies from "above and below" in silence, but by visible gesturing. Then the leader may ask us to "take a step back" to make more room.

We use the "Magical Breath to raise more magnetic earth energy again and then we will "take a step back" again. Now the leader calls down the energies of the Full Moon to multiply the energies we have generated. We take a step back again making the third circle. The four persons who have elected to stand in each Quarter then prepare to expand the Dome of Light.

The intention is to send the Light three miles in each direction. The East point is at Oberstown, south is at Dunsany, west is at Balgeeth and the north is at Corballis. The Quarters push and expand the Dome of Light to the cardinal points with gesture, breath and focused intention and this is our fourth circle. Starting in the East and going sun-wise, each Quarter will push the Light out of our circle and send it to the Quarter Point calling its name out loud.

Everyone present is encouraged to push in the same direction and to repeat the name after the Quarter has spoken it. When each Quarter has expanded to the Quarter Points - those still in the circle will make a tight circle around the fire and lift the centre and throw it 3miles up in the air. Now with the Circle of Light set, we relax and the entire group will return to the fire. This is the end of the ceremony. We do not finish with any turn off Ritual as we wish the Dome of Light to stay turned on and bright for ever.

Here we chat and warm the hands. When the fire pot charge is almost finished, i.e. hot ashes but no flames, we tidy up and prepare to leave. We wish the Light of Tara to stay on and for the Ancestors to stay too.
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