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This discovery shows the true times for celebrating the Eightfold year of our ancestors. The witches, shamans, druids and wizards of ancient Ireland held ritual ceremony on the solar and the lunar positions as shown on the map. The current popular calendar is a catholic construct and bears no relationship to the actual timing of the solar and lunar alignments. This was due to a deliberate displacement and dis-empowerment strategy that was designed to disconnect us from the energies of the God and Goddess and the old ways. Now, with this discovery, the wheel has turned full circle and we may acknowledge and link with the God and Goddess of Light once again at the proper times and appropriate temples while looking in the correct direction.

This Druids Calendar pivots on integrating the leaking earth magnetism from Lambay Volcano. The solar wind and its lunar reflection wrap these leaking volcanic energies into a focused beam that is then captured at purpose built sacred sites. This was not a casual activity but a conscious connection where the intention was / is to support the magnetic field / life force. The magnificent complexity of the landscape geometry that was used by our ancestors to create an integrated collection of ceremonial enclosures to annotate and manage the energies of the Eightfold year demonstrates their awareness of the need to influence a positive balance for life.

The Celtic Lunar Year begins on the Dark Moon of Samhain. In 2003, this centers on the night of the 25th of October at 1:59am. This marks a time when sunlight is absent and the dark moon blocks star light causing the local magnetic field to fall. This is when the Light Workers gather together with activities that generate and support a positive magnetic field.

The following chart of the temple calendar map shows the solar days and lunar nights for ceremonial gatherings and shows the current popular calendar corrected to align with the Druids Calendar. The Lunar Samhain start of the Celtic New Year is always on the Dark Moon at 10* of Scorpio and celebrated after sunset. The alignment of the Dark Moon is over Lambay Volcano to the Hill of the Witches. It may just be that the Celtic New Year starts when the Sun Light shines again but that at the centre time there is the greatest need for us to gather to generate and hold Light.
E of N = this is the position on the eastern horizon where the Sun or Moon will rise when looking from the temple using a compass. Time of Sun / Moon rise changes every year, so no average time is given - urging you to find out yourself and to be early if you wish to feel the magic moment yourself.
The chart below is the first such chart to be declared by Druidschool. Please be aware that other articles and temple calendar maps on this website support this presentation. To purchase copies of the Druid's Calendar Map - please see the side menu bar. Please also be aware that the temples and the alignments that cross over the Volcano called Lambay Island all date from before the Celtic period. The age the archaeologists call the �late stone age� is called �the Quartz Age� by Druidschool and ended about 5 � 6,000 years ago. We are now in the second Quartz Age.

Lunar Samhain at the Hill of the Witches / Sliabh na Callighe
DARK MOON 10* Scorpio
25 Oct 03 1:59am
11 Nov 04 8:33pm
2 Nov 05 1:29am
23 Oct 06 3:19am
9 Nov 07 8:05am

(28 Oct 08 23:15
18 Oct 09 05:34
6 Nov 10 04:53)
Solar Samhain - Hill of the Witches - 10* Scorpio - 117* E of N
3 Nov 03, 2 Nov 04, 2 Nov 05, 2 Nov 06, 3 Nov 07

(2 Nov 08, 2 Nov 09, 2 Nov 10)
Winter Solstice - Newgrange - 0* Capricorn - 134* E of N
22 Dec 03, 22 Dec 04, 22 Dec 05, 22 Dec 06, 22 Dec 07

(21 Dec 08, 21 Dec 09, 21 Dec 10)
Imbolg - Hill of the Witches or Tara - 10* Aquarius - 117* E of N
30 Jan 04, 29 Jan 05, 30 Jan 06, 30 Jan 07, 30 Jan 08

(29 Jan 09, 3- Jan 10, 29 Jan 11)
Spring Equinox - Summerhill or Knockastia - 0* Aries - 88* E of N
20 Mar 04, 21 Mar 05, 21 Mar 06, 21 mar 07, 20 Mar 08

(20 Mar 09, 20 Mar 10, 20 Mar 11)
Beltine - Lyons Hill or Kildare - 10* Taurus - 60* E of N
30 Apr 04, 30 Apr 05, 1 May 06, 1 May 07, 30 Apr 08,

(30 Apr 09, 30 Apr 10, 30 Apr 11)
Summer Solstice - Fair Gods Hill or Tara - 0* Cancer - 45* E of N
21 Jun 04, 21 Jun 05, 22 Jun 06, 22 Jun 07, 21 Jun 08

(21 June 09, 21 June 10, 21 June 11)
Lughnasa - Lyons Hill or Kildare - 10* Leo - 60* E of N
2 Aug 04, 2 Aug 05, 2 Aug 06, 3 Aug 07, 2 Aug 08

(2 Aug 09, 2 Aug 10, 2 Aug 11)
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Autumn Equinox - Summerhill or Knockastia - 0* Libra - 88* E of N
23 Sept 04, 23 Sept 05, 23 Sept 06, 23 Sept 0, 23 Sept 08

(22 Sept 09, 23 Sept 10, 23 Sept 11)

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