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Con Connor is the main teacher at Druidschool. He is the Ard Dru� leis an Doire Geallach Doracha (Arch Druid with the Dark Moon Grove) and a member of the Tribann Council of Ord na Dru�.

Con is a Lightworker who enjoys a laugh - he has a strong connection to Spirit and a love of Living Water and Sacred Sites. Con receives council from others on their paths and seeks input also from the higher realms. He is a gentle teacher of the Light. Con expects you to see everything and everyone as your teacher reflecting your world back to you. He offers to assist you to turn your lights on and to turn them up full.
Con Connor
Born - 17:30, 18-2-1958, Somerset, County Somerset, England.
Sun (cusp Aquarius/Pisces) combust Moon, in opposition on to Pluto on the Ascendant

Con was a founding member of the Heritage Awareness Group in 1993 and has served as a committee member in the Chair and as Secretary. HAG has now evolved to become Druidschool which is the teaching aspect of the Celtic Druid Temple.

Con is a Bard, i.e. one who has the ability to communicate knowledge to others. Con can often sense the ways others understand and in so doing - he can communicate directly facilitating a perception shift. This technique adds a newer awareness to existing awareness and is never confrontational. The right words balanced with intuitive emotional sensitivity and an understanding of the powers of the universe can help even the most reactive person with extra insight that will be remembered.

Con is also a Seer, i.e. one who truly sees this world and its place in the universe. This is shown through divination of subtle energies, the use of Tarot Cards and a life long dedication to the pursuit of knowledge of the Stars. This ability as a Seer includes Herbalism and Politics, Eco-Technology and Environmental Activism and how to make a desired effect manifest because of a deep understanding of the way of things.

Con also holds the third Gift of the Druid - he has learned how to understand and interact with the invisible realm of Spirit. There is no separation between the flesh and the spirit; there is only the illusion of separation. Con knows that everything is connected and that Living Water trickles through all existence to hold the Light of Spirit.

All public and private ritual ceremony given by Con is in Irish respecting the seven directions and the Three Realms. He reckons that spirit release (ghost busting in the vernacular) and soul retrieval, finding the energy leaks from in aura, cleansing and energising a sacred site or Chakras or Aura is about removing blocks and facilitating the flow again because he listens to his guidance.

An Astrologer for over 40 years, Con uses his knowledge of the subtle energies of the planets and stars to empower others to realise the incarnational potential that they have chosen for this lifetime. By this it is meant to be understood that we bring gifts perfected in previous lives with us when we incarnate, we might not have these gifts turned on but when we are informed about their existence as rewards for work done we can activate and enjoy the results of previously completed work in the present lifetime. We also bring challenges with us. When we consciously work with these challenges we can create or transmute/transform them into gifts, if only we are aware.

As a reader of the Tarot, he has gained great understanding and awareness of the complex integration of the powers of the universe and will use this tool to help others into making informed choices.

As a Diviner, Con will check out the energy lines and underground streams in a house map and then visit the house and balance the energies. This usually involves empowering the owner to have basic divining skills so that when the energy balancing is performed the owner can personally experience the transformation of the unbalanced energies into harmonious balance. As a Spirit worker, he can also help to clear/release ghosts, entities, memories and spirits from a dwelling or a location. This work is seldom done on one's own for pure safety reasons.

As a healer, Con uses Living Water, colloidal silver, herbal smudging, crystals, aura cleansing, chakra balancing, reiki and vortexhealing skills to clear internal blockages in the etheric bodies of men and women. He will also council those who have trauma and those going through separation. He has, on occasion, even broken spells placed on the gullible.

Under a heading of Life Skills, Con has guided many people away from re-action and into their higher good. But of all the magic skills that Con has, his passion is in teaching others about Living Water and how to "Turn their Lights On" and empowering others as Lightweavers. This is because he realises that the time has come for "Waking up the Celtic Druids" and re-creating harmony at sacred sites.
He will often say, "as we change ourselves - our world is transformed",

This Spiritual Alchemy of transformational healing is the Path of the Celtic Druid.

Please also refer to SERVICES to see the range of personal assistance offered which includes all the above and more � e.g. - hand-fasting, geopathic stress balancing and one on one tuition in the ways of a modern Celtic Druid.

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