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Celtic Druid Alliance
/|\ Lanon, Paris France -
/|\ Adgnatios, Portugal -
/|\ Con, Ireland -
Irish Language Links is a resource list of Irish Language websites. Its aim is to connect people to all of the resources they need for learning and using the language. Irish Language Links is a great website, well worth checking out. Irish Language Links ab�!
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Pagan Federation Ireland exists as a resource for the Pagan people of Ireland. We support all Pagan paths, and aspects of our work include: Organising events and social gatherings; Establishing a strong network of people united in our love of the earth: Combatting negative images of Paganism in the media; Dissemination of accurate information on Paganism; Publishing information packs on various Pagan paths; Providing information on what's going on in your area; Fighting to establish Paganism as a legally recognised religion.
Mythical Ireland A comprehensive website looking at Ireland's ancient monuments, including Newgrange and Tara, in the context of mythology, astronomy, archaeology, art and photography.
The Megalithic Portal
TRY OUR NEW EUROPE-WIDE MEGALITH MAP - "a wonderful guide" - the New York Times - "useful, fun, and accurate" - Archaeology Magazine. An independent web site funded totally by our Online Shop
The Mass Graves of Ireland - The website of the Irish Holocaust - Read this site and weep. Until now, that information was kept from you. You had no access to it. You do now - you read it on your computer screen!
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