Some feedback from our SKY weekend 14 - 16 June 2013 -
While lifting Oak boards to make a Skywatch bed with an Austrian Dru� in our Torc [wooden roundhouse] I saw a small quartz on the ground & offered it to him so the stone can also continue its journey [up the Alps perhaps]. We were at a weekend event to further understand the Dri Realm of the Sky. It was, in between juicy meals a total of 21 hours of lectures, discussions, sky watching & shamanic dreaming. Sited in the retreat that is Rath Niamh we bonded easily & joyously as a group to the abundant nature of the farm but also to its spirit essence. A clam serenity expands to create a refuge from all that which is the material world.

Celtic Druidism is a path one chooses to follow. It is defined by the Positive [No negatives like: Thou shalt NOT etc] This assists the Dru� to make decisions when needed with a Druid conscience. One tip if you want to get the best out of the session: leave all the baggage behind. Open another chamber in your mind just for this new knowledge & DO NOT ANALYSE what is given with your old mind/values & understandings. Become like a small child again hungry for knowledge. This weekend has helped me refine my knowledge [understanding] I Dance my Path holding my light. Imbass Crom & Corra.

PS. a big hi & hugs to everyone who was at the handfasting a few weeks ago at Rath Niamh. One thing I noticed was how much the children took it in & felt the gentle ripples of love.

On our Sl� an Dru� Journal -
This newsletter is FANTASTIC. I'm still working through it, but the essay on Crom, the Senchas Mor, and Niamh's essay on Living Druidry are wonderful! Thank you!

Student feedback on our Study and Live-In 28/6-4/7 2012 -
"As soon as I arrived to Con's and Niamh's magical farm I felt as I had come home. Con's knowledge and Niamh's excellent food made the week unforgettable. I have learned a lot and got confirmation on what I already practice. These weeks suit the beginner as well the experienced one."

Comment on Temple Builder L2 8-10 June 2012 -
Having initially learned how to dowse using 'L' shaped rods on the level one course, it was now time to make and use pendulums on level 2. I had seen people mess around with pendulums before, but I had never been convinced.
Actually making a pendulum myself with a piece of quartz stone I found gave the whole thing meaning and now I was entrusted with using it. Slowly but surely Con guided us in tuning in to our newly made pendulums and showed us how they worked and how we could get the most out of them when searching for and more importantly, understanding the subtle energies. In travelling to local temples, we were able to locate lines of energy and then use our pendulums to measure the intensity of energy vorticies.
In doing this weekend course, my eyes were further opened to the different types of energy dowsing and how it can assist us when practicing it correctly. An excellent weekend course, well worth making the effort for.

Comment on Temple Builder Level 3 6-8 July 2012
Unintentionally, this particular course almost became the conclusion of our training in dowsing, with the unexpected erection of a standing stone. However, as Con pointed out, it was only a conclusion to what we had learned so far. There is still much more to learn. With dowsing of maps of the Druidschool land, we followed on by dowsing the land itself. This really showed the effectiveness of good, well planned dowsing. Giving us an idea of where lines of energy may be found, then actually dowsing for them on the ground. It was only through working as a team, that we found an energy vortex, we hadn't previously expected to find. It was the success of this team work that lead to the erection of the said standing stone. A great result and testament to what we have learnt so far. I look forward enormously to level 4.

Feedback from Red John on the Temple Builder 3 6-8 July 2012 - "All that I had learnt over the previous two workshops were brought together on Level 3 Temple Builder. As Con guided us, we built & refined our pendulum skills, while he shared his deeper knowledge, understanding & tips that he has learned over the years. On Saturday I had the realisation of how real this work felt to me. On Sunday we walked the land, tracking an underground stream & measuring the quality of energy of a vortex. This led to the unplanned installation of a Standing Stone. What a buzz. I can only imagine what our ancestors felt."

Comment from Dru� Dalta on Study and Live-In week early June 2012 - "The Study and Live Week was an envigorating and fun way to be introduced to the Celtic Path taught at Druidschool. I was honored to contribute to the upkeep of the School, and received a powerful foundation to continue my studies of the living, magical, wisdom tradition of my ancestors." Westlee.

From Frank Volunteer 26 May 2012-
Many thanks for the lovely reception, wonderful food and the openness, also you accepted me in to your home, sorry i left early if I get to volunteer again i will make up. Thanks again, for both you kindness and openness also our evening chats

From Sophia 27 May 2012volunteer weekend
Thanks for sharing your space, time and wonderful selves with me this weekend. I've come away with lots of inspiration, and information and really enjoyed it all.

From Will, May 2012
Thank you for the warm welcome and hospitality on the level 1 Temple Builders course.
I found the L-Rod divining instructions to be very practical & verifiable which is so very important. The study on water as a living essence was most illuminating and also the field work on divining nodal points at the old Abbey. A very informative course on such an intriguing subject. I hope to learn lots more in the future as I can see the lessons could be creatively adapted to many endeavours.

From Shelene May 2012 Feedback on our Journal -
"Thank you for that wonderful Sli an Drui Beltine journal, I thoroughly enjoyed every word and will refer to it again and again. Thank you for sharing a bit of your personal journey. And I loved Niamh's article on sugar, I took it to heart. I don't consume much sugary drinks but am implementing a broader dietary change within myself and the family. Fascinating dragon article. My dragon family has been protecting me all this time and I didn't even know it! I believe in dragons!"

From Andy, May 2012
Having already visited Druid School as a volunteer only a few weeks previously, I had an idea of what to expect as regards a warm welcome, great food, warm and cosy accomodation and peaceful surroundings and I wasn't dissappointed as all were in abundance once more. It was the course content, however and my own ability to connect and work with the earth energies that was in question on my arrival on the Friday night. Such questioning was swiftly answered by and with Con's excellent tutelidge. Using excellent materials to teach and Con's own wisdom and experience, I was guided through the early statges of dowsing and any questioning of my own ability was soon forgotten as I grew in confidence and connectivity to the life force of the earth. By Sunday evening, I had learned so much about our ancestors and their ancient temples, the life force and my own ability to connect with it and furthermore, what the future can potentially hold for those who wish to work as light workers and temple builders, that two days later and I've already booked to do level two. That in itself is testament to level 1. I'd encourage anyone with the slightest interest to book a place on future courses.

Another report from a Dru� Dalta on our Temple Builder Level 1 weekend course -
I would like to thank Con and Niamh firstly for their wonderful hospitality during my rescent stay with them in Roscommon. It was second to none. Niamh was a wonderful hostess for the whole weekend. Thank you Niamh. As for Con - he is a walking encyclopedia. His knowledge of water, standing stones, stone circles, ring forts, churches, vortexes and druidism is astounding and as a natural storyteller he has an ability to easily pass on his knowledge and wisdom to anybody who is interested. I can now divine underground streams and energy fields. Thank you Con.
.:It is true that i am a man. Brian

A testimonial from Ard Dru� Red John on Temple Builder 1, 16 - 18 March 2012 = Arriving at Druidschool on the Friday I felt as though I was stepping out of the norm and into a likeminded community, all focused on connecting/reconnecting to the art of temple building, learning the skills of divining & letting out of the rational. There was expert teaching, practical exercises, good food & crack over the three days, all the time our knowledge & experience was expanding.
Dancing the vortex we spun around, first drawing the energy up through the vortex, then standing still and �JUST BE�, then dancing again to release the energy that we didn�t need. A great weekend.

Feedback from A Dru� Dalta = 'Our Paddys Day weekend Temple building workshop (2012) in Roscommon was unforgettable. Set in the magical environs of Rath Niamh in Castlerea; our budding geomancers and stargazers identified and quantified the subtle earth energies of a Holy Well, a standing stone and an old friary. My highlight was a visit to one of Queen Maeves royal enclosures where Croagh Patrick appeared as a pyramid in the distance only to be kissed by a double rainbow! My thanks to Con and Niamh for their unconditional support, wholesome food and the use of their Druidic Mystery school'

"I was made redundant and knew that I needed healing. This workshop provided the tools and space for healing to take place. I learned more about the Druid way of life that has enhanced my personal growth and the sweat lodge had a profound effect on my spiritual development and continues to do so. Thank you for this magical experience in such a magical place. Heather "

Winning Scholarship Competition Essay 2012

I grew up in the tiny town of Joseph in the Pacific Northwest United States. Nestled in the mountains of the Eagle Cap Wilderness, with Wallowa Lake sleeping quietly at the foot of the mountain range. My spiritual upbringing was eclectic, with exposure to Christianity, the teachings of Emmanuel Swedenborg, some of the traditions of the Nez Perce natives from the area, as well as encounters with the Baha'i Faith.
Throughout my formative years, the one binding element in my spiritual understanding was Nature. Regardless of how near I felt to any deity, religion or spiritual teaching, I always felt close to Life - the raging rivers in spring, the crackling ice and snow in winter, the fire-red Kokanee Salmon in autumn, swimming their last to pass their wisdom and heritage on to the next generation.
Though perhaps I never articulated it as such, I always found God in Nature, and it was there that I felt the closest to him/her, and at the same time it was there that I felt closest to the vibrancy and fragility and expansiveness of my time here on Earth.
As a child I never would have imagined years hence that I would be sitting here, near the Irish Sea off the coast of Cill Mh�ntain, yet looking back it seems all those experiences and all of those paths have merged to form a straight line, leading me here and now. Though it is only in recent years that I have identified this path as Celtic, I now know that this is the tale my ancestors and the land have been telling me from the very beginning.
I came to the idea of Druidry and Bards through my love of music, writing and performance, seeking some way that could embody these pursuits within a framework of spirit that somehow resonated with my ancestry. Like many Americans, my heritage is not pure in the traditional sense - my mother's side of the family is Swedish and Scottish, my father's side is somewhat more eclectic - German, English, Scottish and perhaps a bit of Irish.
But in the face of the challenges confronting our planet in the present moment, the importance of bloodlines seems to fade. The importance of the teachings of our ancestors, however, transcends these bloodlines and demands our attention. I am here, now. And here and now are the only place I can ever hope of effecting change. And from this place I choose to be a Lightworker walking a Celtic Path.
In the past, I have never considered myself a Lightworker. Indeed, the name to me seemed to be wrapped up in too much New Age garb, with watered down daily Horoscopes and appropriated teachings from select Eastern Philosophies. Yet as I undergo my own transformation, my philosophy and understanding, too, has changed.
I believe my understanding of what it means to be a Lightworker is only now being born. In this new understanding, I am both vessel and source. By walking a Celtic Path I can learn the practices and philosophies which allow the Light of nature and the wisdom of my ancestors to move through me in loving action. But equally important is the recognition of the Light which is already inherent within me � that simply by being born, and by living in this present moment I am, in fact, the Light. The gifts the Celtic Elders gave to us are already within us, and we must consciously choose to unlock and give those gifts for the sake of all beings, for the sake of our planet.
I believe that we are here as stewards of the planet, as beings whose intelligence and capacity for compassion should make us the most gentle and loving and giving of creatures. Our ancestors understood this premise, and yet it seems that we have forsaken that wisdom in the name of greed and power.
What does it mean, then, to be a Lightworker walking the Celtic Path? It means that I choose to learn and sing the songs of my ancestors - indeed they have been waiting for me to sing their songs. I am here to learn to connect with the land, the sea, the sky, and in connection, to honor it and speak of its beauty. In speaking of its beauty, I inspire others to open themselves to the Light, and � more importantly � to become active and aware reflections and manifestations of the Light. As a Lightworker it is my duty to show others how we may live in harmony and balance with these forces, both ancient and present, and to steep myself in the traditions of my ancestors while simultaneously choosing a path of compassionate action to create the life I know I am capable of living.
These powerful forces have long lay dormant in my being, and I know there is a way for me to channel them, to align them with the fight for justice for humanity, justice for the earth, justice for all beings. I know there is a way to align these forces within me to effect change in the world that demonstrates the wisdom and the strength of our heritage. In choosing to become a Celtic Lightworker, I acknowledge and welcome the responsibility that is placed before me, and it would be an honor and privilege to study with the members of Druidschool Ireland as I continue to lay this foundation.

West is the winner and will join us for a free week on our Study and Live program at Ireland's Druidschool in the west of Ireland. Well done West.

Westlee Brent Latta April 10 2012.

Comment on winning the Scholarship Competition in 2011
Winning the scholarship competition to the Druidschool (2011) was a wonderful opportunity to train as a Drui Dalta, or student Druid. It was like going back in time to Con of the hundred battles and Niamh of the golden hair. Their TV was a window from which they watched horses, donkeys and deer play beside a forest.

The training included divining in which we learnt how to find underground streams and how to ask questions. The lecture on natural time was a fascinating insight into natural cycles and the calendar of the Druids. We learnt about the three cauldrons within and the three realms they relate to of water, earth and air. We had a series of three dreamings (vision quests) in which we received an ogham symbol. When it was dry we were put to work but the work was also training, we were asked to observe how the realm of air interacted with the realm of earth as we tended to young trees and we create an artistic temple space by standing bog oak up as sculptures.

On the last night we celebrated the full moon with a sacred ceremony. This was a highlight for me and a wonderful way to connect to the spirits of nature and send healing energy to loved ones.

The week was a great learning experience for me in which I developed wisdom, inspiration and abilities. These were my stated aims at the start of the week when we were asked. It gave me an insight into the path of the Druid and knowledge I can use. The food was tasty and healthy. The teaching was well explained. The experience was enjoyable, educational and beneficial in other ways. I learnt to connect with nature and learnt skills for my path, making friends along the way.


Why you as a lightworker want to walk a Celtic path

The walking of a Celtic path is for me a walking in the way of the open heart of nature, at one with the forces of nature. The decision to write this was wrapped up in the direction of the path, though it is a realisation that that�s what I had been working towards. The decision of the directions of the path seems to have already been made on some level, perhaps before I embarked on the adventure of this incarnation. Like they said about being the One in the Matrix: no-one can tell you you�re a Druid, it�s something that�s deep inside of me. My spiritual journey has taken me through various traditions but I have always been into nature wisdom, with a connection to the forces of nature and the spirits of the forests, rivers, mountains etc.
I honour the elements, the ancestors, the Gods and the sacred cycles of the sun, moon and stars. I recognise that indigenous Shamanic / Druidic traditions are in harmony with the natural energies of the land. I work with the sacred plants, using them for many purposes. I plant by the moon. I am a bard, having written and memorised many poems and songs. I have used tools like divining rods, pendulums, wands and crystals. I carved my astrological symbols and Ogham into my staff, which I made out of Ash, my astrological totem tree. I have a wand, a ceremonial sword, a chalice and a crystal. Ancestors of mine walked a Celtic path. I have had the blessing of participating in ceremonies of several traditions, including a couple of Pagan ceremonies. I meditate and sing sacred songs at ancient sacred sites. Because I already do these things I have to learn how to do them properly.
I want to live in harmony with nature, with reverence for the sacred ground I walk upon. I want to do what I can to heal the land. I want to learn Irish and use it in ceremony. I want to transform myself and my immediate environment, and recognise that I am one with my immediate environment. I want to drink deep from the well of living teachings. I want to see the invisible world. I want to learn permaculture and create an ecosystem that can sustain me as well as itself. I want to learn how to assist the flow of energy at ancient sacred sites, opening the ley lines and releasing blocked energies. I want to learn how to tend to the spiritual needs of others. I want to learn the ancient mysteries. I want to learn how to conduct and orchestrate energies. I want to learn to listen to the land and communicate with higher beings. I want to rediscover the sacred in life. I want to join with others to practice my nature spirituality. I want to energise the sacred waters. I want to celebrate the solstices, equinoxes and fire festivals how they used to be celebrated. I want to learn the ways of the Drui.
I believe the rivers, trees and mountains are alive and sacred and I want a way of communing with them. I see that Celtic mythology is still happening, we�re still in the mythical realm and our will can manifest. My spiritual path has taken me through many mystical paths and practices, and much study of metaphysical end esoteric lore, but I�ve always had a connection with the land and her nature spirits, ancient sites and trees. I believe that the world needs a reconnection to the powers of nature now more than ever.
As a lightworker I have done a variety of spiritual practices, had a Reiki attunement, done Chi Gong for years, sung many a song that brings the higher light, led sacred ceremonies (usually by myself) and worked with energies in other ways. I have worked on myself internally to harmonise my energies and connect with the Divine, now I want to help the outside world. I feel that a nature-based spirituality would be a good focus for my lightworking. The Celtic path has an abundance of ancient wisdom that can help us all. It�s time to rediscover that heritage, to live in harmony with nature and all life like the ancient Druids. It�s time to heal the Earth.
As I step on the path, I cultivate a vision through fresh eyes into the heart of the wisdom of all I encounter along my path. I keep my eyes open to the signs of guidance from the uniforce and my heart open to the great heart of all. I am ready, willing and able to learn how to walk the Celtic path.

Sent in by Ed Durand - April 18th 2011.

Ed is the winner and will join us for a free week on our Study and Live program at Ireland's Druidschool in the west of Ireland. Well done Ed.


About The Stay - Study and Live

Study and Live was a great opportunity for me to be in the right environment where I felt that influences from the outside did not matter, the importance was on what was happening in the immediate area, in the school grounds. Sitting in the protection of the torc, and the fort was not to be forgotten, I saw how we can change our landscape, and not destroy it. It was a place to practice, and grow strength, in protection.

My thinking mind is not the same as it once was, what you taught me was different and much needed after the Yoga School. It was a long process of cleansing and having an ease in life instead of struggle, then it moved into a moonth of travel ending in Roscommon, and with your more realistic and practical approach. The guidance and opportunity to learn old ways, and the encouragement to live in this world, in these times, and be true to myself and have strength and independence to forge my own way. These so far are thoughts, I should use the next paragraph to give a sort of review and more specifics as asked me to do on the last day.

Getting picked up was certainly nice. And starting in the town was a good transition, and it was nice to go to and from the towns. And speak about the world, while it was in front of our eyes. I appreciate the honest, and straightforward approach you took with your speech. You gave the foundations for true time, the three realms, and the dream journeys. What I gathered I am slowly beginning to gain understanding of as it happens around me in real life. You and Niamh did open your home to myself, a stranger and I felt quite happy to sit at the table, as an equal, and walk freely around the house and grounds. There was certainly enough bread and food to go around. Although I would recommend more emphasis on the drinking of water, and its schedule. I found the Living quarters to be just fine and warm enough, certainly the windows were an aid to waking up as they let the morning light inside the room. It would be interesting to look at your inspirations for why you made the torc, and where the blueprint for the fort came from, etc. Please ask more questions on what is most important for you to know, and I shall answer

Darwin Dru� Dalta
Spring 2011


Slightly edited email from a Dru� Dalta who stayed with us for a week on our Study and live program -

I�m so thankful to both of you. My week with you was completely amazing and unforgettable. You showed me how things can be simple and great at the same time. It�s pretty hard to slow down, to look around and actually see the world � and I had the chance to learn how to do it, how to be awake and aware of what I�m doing and why I�m doing. Con, you asked me what I have learned there and I answered with your own words: �Ever fire is different�. This sentence is very strong to me. It makes me realise how nature works. We cannot control it completely, but we can look at it and, then, begin to understand it and deal with it in a way that is good for all of us. If we are part of it, we need this balance.

I had a few dreams about the farm the last months. They were very strong and realistic for me. It was like my soul, my energy was going back to Ireland, to this sacred land that touches me like no other place on Earth. In my dreams, I really could feel the atmosphere, the smell, the wind, the energy that emanates there. I saw the willows growing and getting higher. (By the way, how are they?) And every morning after these dreams I felt a little bit nostalgic. Since I came back to Brazil, I�ve been feeling homesick of Ireland. I love my land, my landscape. Brazil is such a beautiful and special place, but I think that my connection with Ireland is even older and stronger.

Unfortunately, I don�t have time enough to dedicate myself to my magical path. I remember when we had tarot classes and you told me that I was walking through a path and I should keep it. I�m 100% sure about it. This path is what gives me strength and hope. I believe in it and I wanna use it to make things better around me. I�ve been practicing some divining with my pendulum (but I still think it�s pretty difficult for me) and my rods. I was in a park few weeks ago practicing and I got really good results (and I didn�t care about the people looking at me and maybe thinking that I was crazy..) I know there�s still a long long long way to walk through. In fact, I think the road never ends if we don�t stop walking. And I love this idea. I love the fact that I can always learn something new or even improve my knowledge. I try to apply my druidic learning and way of life every day, with everybody and everything.

I feel that�s much easier to me being a druid when we�re close to nature, to great landscapes, to sacred and historic places. My real challenge is being a druid in the middle of the urban city that I live in. I wanna try harder day after day. Life is sacred, it doesn�t matter where or how. I try to honor my food, my clothes, my things, my streets, my trees. I try to honor life to make it better and to really be part of it. And don�t want to be a lamb on the hill, following the shepherd and running away from the fox. And druidism showed that I can be anything I want. I can be an eagle, a fox, a tiger, a bat or even a lamb � but the important is to be aware of who I am and what my role in this life is. I wanna make my own way � not to copy other people ideas or beliefs.

My words are simple and they�re here just to thank both of you. I had a wonderful time walking around Castlerea, planting trees, watching the fire. I love summertime, but I do miss all the ritual of sitting in front of the fire and letting the heat take the room. Nature gives us everything we need, and this is completely magical. Another thing that was extremely remarkable for me was the blessing that I used to do with Niamh. I do it sometimes, but my memory fails and I just can�t remember the complete three realms blessing. Also, I�d like to have it written with me � and I just have no idea of how to write it. Can you send me the words, please?

I�ll keep practicing and studying and I hope I meet you again. Going back to Ireland is one of my dreams � I can�t live without it anymore. And I�ll try to go to Castlerea to visit you (and Gust!), to check the willows and to drink some hot whisky.

Thank you for everything!!!

Be in peace


Our reply tells Carla that the Willows she planted are all growing strong. The words she sought have been emailed to her. It seems that just one week with us made a huge impact on this young ladies life - it was possible because she was open and willing to immerse herself in making her own connection to the Source. We wish her well and hope that we all meet again some day.
Beltine 2011

A comment on the Autumn Equinox 09 Sli an Drui weekend workshop at Ireland's Druidschool.
Sli an Drui Samhain 09 weekend was a great way to kick-off the Celtic New Year. I felt renewed, refreshed and re focused after the weekend. Arches and pains I felt before the sweat were gone the next day. Even now three weeks after the workshop I�m still feeling the positive effects of the weekend. Redjohn Drui Fasach


First of all I would say thank you for the wonderful experience: thank you for picked me up at the train station, for your explainations, for your patience, for the delicious meal, for rispecting my silence, for gave me the possibility to meet all of you and the Celtic Druid.
It was a powerful experience and from the beginning I felt and saw the energy running in the house, in the field, in the trees..your place is so magic and so peaceful!
Usually, when I meet new people I prefer not speak, I prefer observe and listen and then start a verbal comunication. Last weekend my attitude was accentuate because I was completely upside down: the sweat lodge cerimony was so strong that its effects continuated until Monday night: so many voices were speaking into my ears, I had so many visions and all was moving and taking the right place for giving me the fulfil understanding and that's why it was so difficult for me to speak, not only because English is not my first language... well, I have to say that it was the first time for me, it was the first time that I done something I ignored the existence in a different language... so thank you for being so patience! Valerie (a new student - nothing changed in her comment above)

Sli an Drui Beltine 2009.

My first Sweat Lodge. What a rollercoaster ride of emotions in the week leading up to the weekend. It is interesting when you open yourself to the universe, what you need will appear. The Sli an Drui weekend was what I needed at this moment in time. Arriving on the Friday evening not sure what to expect. It did involve some physical work to help finish the sweat lodge. This however helped me focus my intentions for the weekend ahead.

The Sweat on the Saturday was deep, powerful and transforming. It was followed by a reflective vision quest. A pheasant taking flight marked the end of the vision quest. Following a debrief, there was some wonderful food, we all relaxed as we were all physically and emotionally drained.

The final day, renewed following a sound nights sleep, consisted of discussions on timing of the solar ceremonies and a deeper look at the Beltine Ceremony. The Beltine ceremony brought the weekend to a close. I felt it grounded my energy and left me refreshed and renewed, leaving me with new confidence on my path and ready to face the world with new insight.

Following another wonderful lunch we hit the road home. As I turned onto the road home, a pheasant flew across the road. Marking the end of my weekend and start of a new journey.

Thank you Con and Niamh

from Red John, Drui Fasach
My breif association with Druidschool has given me many wonderful insights into the workings of the invisible world and practical skills to enhance my quality of life. The recent pendulum workshop was yet another adventure which added more layers of new information to my catalogue of magical experiences. It was both an enjoyable and a healing experience for all who attended, and I am looking forward to attending the wandmaker workshop. Vince

If you're searching for a tool to awaken your true awareness, an exercise that will flex, stretch and strengthen your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual bodies, an opportunity to be with nature, away from the confines of everyday existence in the company of like minded people, or a key to unlock the door, releasing you from your present state of being into a life of abundance, then I highly recommend attending a Basic Wizardry Course. As a participant I experienced all the above and more. This course was a magical tour into the foundations of understanding myself and the world/s that I exist in, both the visible and invisible, through the use of technical awareness, trust, truth, a greater comprehension of unity, light and love. Rebecca

It was ridiculously easy!! I had never used rods before but after just three hours tuition I was finding underground streams, figuring out how wide they were and what way they were flowing. Seeing everyone else in the line finding the edge of the stream at the same time as me made it even more thrilling - I knew then I wasn't making it up! Sean

The workshop was great! As we made our own pendulums together from materials that the ancients would have used I felt a growing connection to the land, the group I was with and my genetic memory of wise ancestors. Simple but very powerful. The best bit? The map divining and finding lost objects exercises. The worst? Going home. Sean

The first good impression I got was how well structured and organised the day was. From meeting in the morning throughout the day the group was kept together, travelled together, ate together, leaving time for lots of talk to each other with a nice feeling of belonging. I liked the way that there was time for everybody, for all the questions and slow reactions. But what I loved the most was the feeling of secret and magic that was floating around the group, discovering this ancient place with a brand new tool - divining. It was like stepping back in time, when this magic was reality. Great day - thank you. Andrea

As I walked onto this sacred site I was immediately drawn to the stately ash that was fed by the underground streams, the rivers of life that gave a definition to this landscape and all that grows. The day was bright and cheerful as we began to explore how to find these streams, these underground rivers far beneath our feet, but whose vibrational energies defined the channels of life through the cells of life. The rods were brass and protruded from my hands at an angle of 90 degrees. With right intent they always answered. The energies resonated and the rod began to speak with a happy answer from the energies of the earth. ' I know that I am a man ' brought the rods together at the hands. When the answer was no the rods opened to either side. It was powerful as we lined up and walked forward on this sacred site at Newgrange. Where the streams crossed the vortex energy cascaded upwards through the earth with a spiralling energy, altering the subtle forces in the universe, creating an understanding and awe of nature and the healing power of the earth's streams. It was cold, a bright day at Newgrange and I was bundled up in my toque, my gloves and five layers of warmth. My hands warmed the silver ring that resonated on my tingling fingers. It began to travel within the safety of my glove and danced happily amidst the spiritual mystery of this place. It too had found a place of peace and happiness at Bru na Boinne. The ring that had come all the way from Tibet, crafted by artists and had found it's way to Ureland after years of travels to places of healing in search of this sacred balance, this sacred place. I learned about letting go that day as I had lost a true friend, a craftsman's endearing memory to a journey that many had made before me. 'Oh Mani Pema Hung' had become my mantra during these times of peace. The stately ash was now the enduring memory that told me I was home. Brendan

One day of divining on an Event to Newgrange
Anyway wee lad, as they say, some comments. I could just say I had a very enjoyable day blah, blah, blah - despite the cold, blah, blah. But, being a bit of a head I like to send this bit of an essay I've been working on and maybe you'll find a suitable sentence or two. Dowsing is one of many forms of divination and divination can be conducted for a great variety of purposes. All or some of those purposes may be hidden and the diviners may not consciously intend the results. Divination is based on the belief that invisible powers, forces or energies can intervene in peoples lives. These powers or energies may be conceptualised and represented in either personified or abstract symbolic forms. Divination rituals can be therapeutic processes that reduce stress in individuals and the wider community by providing an agreed forum for the expression of repressed and divisive sentiments. Whether it is practiced to ward off malign forces or communicate with benign powers it verifies belief in the existence of an 'other' realm or spirit-world and provides a sense of security, a means of coping with adversity, and catharsis. Through divining the origins of afflictions in the social body divination can uphold conventional morality and support traditional values and norms of behaviour in the interest of the common good. Where it is believed that misfortunes are brought about by disturbances in social relations the explanations of those misfortunes become political statements and divination can be a vehicle for radical ideas, a catalyst for political action and a source of power. As such it can be used either as a positive force for the greater good or as a means of gaining and maintaining socio-economic advantage at that expense of others. It can reinforce or recover a sense of common identity and promote consensus by depersonalising decisions. In times of rapid social change divination can be a means of assimilating new ideas and diviners can be at the centre, if not the actual instigators, of changing worldviews. Peter

From a medicine pathworker....
I'd like to let you know how I feel after being out on HAG work, although I'm not sure that I can really do justice in trying to explain what I've got from the experience. On my first day out we went to an Abbey and did some field work. There was something so liberating for me in using divining rods and seeing energy made tangible before my very eyes. And something very empowering in seeing all of us working together, and able to respond to the energy lines of the earth. Knowing that this really works, and that the skills I learn can be used in time on other sacred sites, opening up huge potentialities for exploration and connections.... so Thank You. Hilary

A Young Lady shares...
I was asked to write 50 -100 words summarising how I felt after my day out with Druidschool. I find this a difficult task as I was so overwhelmed at many points with an amazing sense of fulfilment. I 'Danced the Vortex' and did some divining, visited many magical places and then had a fabulous meal where I reflected on the day, where I felt happier spiritually. I will definitely be returning for another day out. Jessica (15)

Light of Truth
The Chinese have an ancient proverb - 'to know the outcome, study the past to know the future'. The past makes us who we are. I speak of a past heritage, a knowledge hidden within not only to a chosen few, but within us all. The real magic is that which lies in your heart and soul and this sacred earth. Through Druidschool Events, I have been enabled to experience some of that real magic of the earth at some of the sacred sites throughout the country. Through the use of brass L shape divining rods, I can feel the subtle energy of the earth. To experience this with like minded members is magic in itself. In the past these skills and this knowledge have been criminalised. This was a deliberate attempt by religious propagandist to eliminate previously understood knowledge and to put a moralistic intent and a veil of fear, so don�t be afraid to lift this veil and see the true Light, the true unblinding shining Light within us all, the Shining Beings. Wolfchild

I attended the pendulum workshop in January 2002 with druidschool. I really appreciated the preciseness with which Con Connor taught instead of aiming at quick results. We divined our bedrooms checking for negative energies with a pendulum we hand made ourselves. We practiced divining on a hand drawn map and then in the actual rooms. The results were astonishing; some of us had to move rooms a few times. We gained a greater awareness of how much we are constantly effected by subtle energies and that is very useful knowledge for anybody. Susi

A Celtic Druids Blessing (handfasting)
We had a Celtic Druid Ceremony performed by Con and Niamh on the 21-03-05 at the Spring Equinox. The handfasting that they did was a beautiful ceremony. We chose Kippure Woods. The sacred fire was lit by Con and tended by Niamh who were both dressed in authentic clothing of our Gaelic ancestors.
The vows we took were deeply meaningful as we made them by the Sun and Moon in the presence of the God and Goddess. Soft black and white linen ribbons tied our hands together while family and friends looked on. They had already decorated the place with ribbons and beautiful flowers. For those who do not want the usual legal tie-up this is an ideal option that we both recommend. A piece of advice to all who seek this blessing - make sure to have the compatibility horoscope done by Con in advance.
Marie and John.

Below are some �snippets� of comments from four unidentified Student Druids on the Druidschool Homestudy Course. Their Druid Names become available only to other Dru� Dalta� (student druids) on the Eleven Steps of the Homestudy Course. Each student, for each Step; sends a Report of 150 words, which will form a part of the Student Druids Reports that all student get to read.

The general public have no access to this Student Druids Reports � it would be of limited use unless the practical work for each Step was also being done. The Lessons for each of the Eleven Steps are held separatly from this web site for security reasons.

The following four �snippets� of comments come from Reports on Step One -
1. It was amazing for me to work with the light. I have received an unbelievable clear brightness and strength
2. Since starting the course a door has been opened for me and I have entered a room I always wanted to step into but didn't know how.
3. I started with the Celtic cross of light, to my amazement after about two weeks I started to feel a tingling sensation in the top of my head as I brought down the light. I feel happy after I've done it.
4. I think that the Celtic Cross of Light gives me a way/method to make me centre myself. I feel that the Blessing to the Three Realms makes me feel balanced.
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