Irish Mail on Sunday 16 Nov 2008 retract article about Tara
Tara Tycoons � an article by John Lee, political correspondent for the Ireland on Sunday newspaper has been retracted and an apology offered in its place. I now repeat that apology as given in the Irish Mail on Sunday 16 Nov 2008.

Quote -

Cathal McCarthy
In an article on March 13 2005 we referred to Cathal McCarthy, a county Meath businessman and property developer. We did so in the context of the compulsory purchase of land owned by Mr McCarthy for the M3 motorway. We wish to make it clear that Mr McCarthy did not acquire the land in 2004 but that it was part of his family home for many years, is not a political crony or significant donor to political parties and strongly objected to the route of the M3 motorway and to the CPO of his land. We sincerely apologise to Mr McCarthy. As a mark of our regret we have made a donation to a charity of Mc McCarthy's choice.

end quote.

In a communication dated 12 July 2007 with Boyd and Co. solicitors for Cathal McCarthy, I said that I had �repeated a published article from a reputable paper and I had every reasonable right to expect that this article was the truth. I request that you send me a copy of the retraction / apology published by and in the Ireland on Sunday newspaper. I would then show this �retraction / apology� in place of the current article.�

This has now happened and I show this �retraction / apology� by Ireland on Sunday newspaper in place of the article.
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