digging up Tara
2005 (Editor, Meath Chronicle)

Dear sir - The letter from George Briscoe (/Meath Chronicle/, 16th April) regarding the British Israelites digging up the Hill of Tara looking for the Ark of the Covenant was enlightening.

Most people know of this adventure but this was the first time I heard from the former owners of the land. How refreshing to hear Mr Briscoe admit that his grandfather had made a mistake and to hear his views on the proposed M3.

It led me to wonder what Arthur Griffiths, WB Yeats and the others who defended Tara at the time would make of this present attempt to dig up the hill. I wonder what the leaders of the Easter Rising would make of this venture. Was it for this that they were shot 89 years ago? I doubt it.

Will we be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the rising with the opening of the M3, the Tara industrial estate and the Skryne McDonalds in 2016? I hope not.

It also leads me to wonder how the descendants of those brave men and women, who forged our nation during those fateful years, feel about this attack on its primary sacred landscape.

In the words of Douglas Hyde, George Moore and WB Yeats in their letter to the /Times of London/, printed on June 27th 1902: �Tara is, because of its associations, probably the most consecrated spot in Ireland, and its destruction will leave many bitter memories behind it.�
Yours sincerely,
Save the Tara Skryne Valley Group,
58 Laurence Avenue,
Co Kildare.
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