The giving of a name to a newborn baby is a very important event because it is something that will be carried for a long time. When a mature person decides to change their given name to a newly chosen name - it marks a new direction in life. Celebrating either of these momentous events with a Celtic Druids Blessing makes a day that will forever be imprinted on the mind, body and spirit.

It must be understood that a Blessing does not in its self make things go right but it does help to secure things that are already going right. For a Blessing for a new Name to have long-term effect, the 'blessed' needs to consciously align with the flow of energy looking to stay connected to basic truths and because of this these Naming Ceremonies are best timed by an Astrological Transit to align with the most appropriate planetary energies.

This Ceremony may be held at our Torc, in our wooden roundhouse Celtic Druid Temple (see here and here) with our indoor back up of the Hemp Hall (see here) or at a mature Oak Grove high in the Wicklow Mountains or at the mature Oak Grove at Tara or at the biggest and possibly the oldest Oak Tree in Ireland at Tullamore but we always suggest getting the �insurance� of an indoor backup venue in case of inclement weather. Any venue needs to be quiet and preferably close to Nature to allow the sanctity of the ceremony to make full impact on our consciousness.

A Certificate of Naming is presented after the ceremony if required. The full ceremony is available in an online written format for editing as this allows full customisation of the ceremony to suit the needs of the individual.

Donations expected are E100 when held here. A Certificate of Naming is on A4 size paper and is laminated - fee E20. When two Dru� are requested and we have to travel and overnight then the fees increase to reflect this. More info on request.
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