HEALING (One on One)
Personal Counselling for individuals and couples - using Reiki, Vortexhealing, Chakra balancing, Rehydration, Herbal Detox / Colon Cleanse, Colloidal Silver and Colloidal Gold. You acknowledge full responsibility and give full conscious involvement in and to yourself.

Individual private personal counselling sessions may use healing skills such as Reiki, VortexHealing and Chakra Balancing. These can be very effective with trauma of any kind. Druidschool uses a technique of measuring the energies at each Chakra and then activating those that need tuning to achieve a harmonic balance. It is accomplished by pendulum divining to measure and then the use coloured gemstones and colour visualisation exercises to activate each Chakra. The Chakra system is then re-measured after the activation exercise.

The source for the majority of illness and disease can be found in diet and a lack of quality water intake. This combination of weak water and bad food will do two main things to a human - firstly it stores toxins at cellular level and secondly it creates a stagnant acidic terrain for sickness / disease to flourish. These types of sickness cannot be fixed just by hands on healing, its effects may be softened by hand on healing for a short while only. The basis for our healing work always aims to resolve cause and not to work solely at the symptoms level.

If you feel sick and tired all the time - e.g. always dragging yourself around, then the doctor drugs or natures herbs / hands on healing will have only limited effect. This is based on the knowledge that if you have the above problem or something similar then you are actually chronically sick - switched off as it were. Medication and healing can only travel by resonance - this means transferring its vibrations through water containing substances like blood. The power of hands on healing is greatly superior when the receiving person is fully re-hydrated as opposed to a chronically de-hydrated as most of us are. Most adults should drink 4 to 6 pints of water every day just to maintain a healthy water balance. A six foot tall, 12 stone male needs 6 pints of water daily. This is because we breathe out one pint, sweat two and urinate three pints each day. When we have this healthy water habit we do not store toxins any longer and the colour of our wastewater becomes clear.

At this stage you will be in a position to consider a herbal colon cleanse to remove the encrusted faecal matter that has built up in hard layers in your colon. When this cleanse is done your body will then release toxins from the stomach organs back into the colon and you will heal at a deeper level again. This is a path of self-healing that is progressive and you will take full responsibility for your successes. However, if you continue to put toxins into your body - then you may expect only limited improvements.
When people seek healing of a symptom without addressing the cause then they are not on a path of healing, but they may be just reacting to pain or distress. Hands on healing is available for those who seek it, it is usually applied after a basic health evaluation chat. Preliminary symptom management is the basis for establishing and securing a future healthy balance. In the long term - the absence of symptoms will show that healthy harmony is restored.
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