This is not reality.

You cannot have Muslim Ceremonies on a Catholic Calendar or Jewish Ceremonies on a Mayan Calendar because they would be pointless. But the Catholic empire displaced our ancient ceremonies and today many people wishing to return to the old ways have begun to celebrate ancient ceremonial festivals on the wrong dates - i.e. the displaced dates that the Catholic Church twisted from us.

You just cannot celebrate Celtic Festivals on Catholic dates because they intended to disrupt and destroy our non-Roman culture. Anyone who says they are Celtic Druids or Celtic Witches or Celtic Shamans and attempts to celebrate our Celtic Festivals on the dates given to us by the Catholic Church is either asleep or a fool.

Anyone who deliberately presents ceremony as Celtic when it is not aligned with the true times is worse than a sleeping fool. They are the arrogant illusionists who seek to steal your consciousness - just like the Catholic priests. They assume that they are closer to God than you because they are �initiated� and therefore better than you � it is all lies as they seek to puff up a sense of importance to fill the void of emptiness inside themselves.

Guard your wakefulness and consciousness from the soul stealers � listen to your heart and do not be fooled by theatrical glamour or promises from impostors.
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