The following dates are when Druidschool holds ritual ceremony to honour the Full Moon

The list of Lunar Ceremonies is for 2007 in the current era and all full moon ceremonies by Druidschool will be held on Tara at 8ish, Irish time with our "Ritual of Protection" followed by the Celtic Goddess Dreaming.

Full Moons in 2007

Wednesday 3 Jan (Cancer)
Friday 2 Feb (Leo)
Saturday 3 Mar (Virgo) Eclipse 23:18
Moonday 2 Apr (Libra)
Wednesday 2 May (Scorpio)
Friday 1 June (Sagittarius)
Saturday 30 June (Capricorn)
Moonday 30 July (Aquarius)
Tuesday 28 Aug (Pisces) Eclipse 10:36
Wednesday 26 Sep (Aries)
Friday 26 Oct (Taurus)

Great Celtic Cycle of Time Year 3
(Dark Moon at 10* Scorpio)
Friday 9 November � Start of the Celtic New Year at about 10am Friday morning. Water Ceremony at Tobar Tlachtga 4pm, Fire Ceremony with pure new flame at sunset on Tlachtga, second fire on Tara about 8ish and 12 midnight third fire on third sacred site at the Hill of the Witches / Sliabh na Callighe.

This year we are 9 days after the Catholic celebration of Halloween as we celebrate the Pagan New Year with the Dark Moon aligning over Lambay Volcano to the Quartz Standing Stone inside Cairn �L� at the Hill of the Witches / Sliabh na Callighe.

This is the closest new or Dark Moon to the Solar alignment at 10* of Scorpio in 07. In 2005 we had the Sun and Moon make a perfect alignment at 10* of Scorpio on Wednesday the 2nd of November triggering a Great Cycle of Celtic Time. In 2006 we had a huge family gathering of Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter just after the Moon (dark) moves over 10* of Scorpio. Simply put there were six heavenly bodies in the one sign on that day. This represented all of the fast or inner planets or the conscious fore brain. This was a very powerful start to the second New Year of this New Celtic Cycle of Time. This is the third year in the new cycle of time starting at 10 am on the 9th of November.
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