A letter of Tara early Dec 05
A letter for Tara early Dec 05

The Druid school of Ireland:
Well how is it goin? My name is Johnjoe Reilly I come from the county of Westmeath in a little village called Barrnadrum.I am aware of what our modern government and Mr. Bertie Ahern (The money grabber) are doing.

First of all I think when people vote for the likes of him that what you get. I am aware of the issues that have been going on at our ancient capital and the skyrne valley. This modern convenient motorway they speak about, which I am very much opposed to. I am sure that there are alternate routes and measures that could be implemented. That would not fill their pocket as much I suppose.

I can remember visiting the Hill when I was a young lad, with me Da. He always maintained that we should never interfere with the spirits of our ancestors; he was a tried and true Irishman. Personally I believed that there were measures being taken by the government to preserve and protect the ancient monuments of Ireland and especially this one our ancient capital. These Irish people in the government are no longer people of the earth as were the ancient Celts of Ireland and the ancient clans system coupled with Christianity. I propose that we find an individual with an outside perspective to hold a seat in the dual. To represent those of us that stand to protect and preserve the powerful objects that were left to us by our ancestors so that we could live on for generations. People come to Ireland to see the antiquity and the beauty of ancient Ireland. People want to relive the times of our great high king Brian Boru and our others famous kings and warriors such as the great Conor Macairt and the great Finn McCool , the warriors and kings of the O'Neil dynasty which reined in Tara for centuries , and many many others. We need to reunite all the believers.

Let's protest on the hill and throughout the valley gather hundreds and thousands we can set up tents and refuse to move until we are heard. We can light a paschal fire to let all of Ireland know. I believe Tara belongs to Ireland and the Irish people. Not to government they have no right to deprive us of Tara. I think all of the incoming utsiders arriving and stealing our jobs has a lot to do with the direction of the country and this governmental injustice that is being bestowed upon our ancient culture. It's up to the true believers to keep the fire burning big and bright and raise our Irish flag high to the sky ; the hum of the warpipes sets the drone "A NATION ONCE AGAIN" I am that piper I play the Irish Brain Boru Warpipes and also the Uillean Bagpipes. I have always loved and expressed a great appreciation for our ancient music. I am an Irish solid coloured Kilt wearer and I wear it with pride along with my Tara broach in the longstanding tradition of our ancestors. This kilt I refer to is NOT BY ANY MEANS THE HIGHLAND TARTAN. There is a difference.

These are my beliefs; I am not trying to infringe upon anyone else. If ye are the true Druid school I think ye will understand. I suggest we get the youth involved, by holding huge Irish concerts and dances, secessions of the Irish language and a celebration of the music and story telling. This will allow people to see that the Irish have not and will never forget our ancient heritage. I hope you can keep me up to date on any events or news and anything pertaining to our ancestry. After all I am a fellow Irishman and I feel that Hill should be open freely to all who want to embrace it with their hearts. For me I know there is an ultimate force and power I feel when I stand looking out on that hill over the picturesque countryside. I hope this letter can make a difference because if the interest is there boy, anything is possible.

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