Safety Notice and Warning
It is not expected that all applicants will qualify to attend the Earth Healer weekend workshops on their first attempt. As the leader of this psychic skills experiment I must share some warning stories -
One individual was literally �knocked over onto his knees� at a Field Day a few years ago. It changed his life for the better and he is now a Healer. But - if this man was to attend a Earth Healer weekend workshop without any prior measure / evaluation of his capacity to move energy - his solar plexus blockage may have caused a much more serious problem than just knocking him down to his knees. I have seen others get sick / vomit, others have gone pale in the face and others had to sit down and just watch for the rest of the day. If anything like this happens for anyone on a Field Day - there is support and guidance immediately available as I have First Aid, Reiki, Vortexhealing and Chakra Balancing skills. As we offer ourselves to clear stagnant energies in service for the greater good we also get a secondary personal benefit. We flex our own psychic skills and gain capacity to connect to the Source. There will be no drinking of alcohol or use of recreational substances on the weekends. The use of mobile phones, laptops and other electro toys is prohibited. We will also exclude unnecessary conversation about television / pop stars and so on - the idea is to hold sustained focus on the work in hand. Cameras or videos may only be used after seeking my permission - this is to preserve the �space� or feeling of our mission and to prevent any participant from hiding behind a lens. There will be fun and group vibe but there is a serious intent first.
You will be required to sign a membership form acknowledging that you are entirely responsible for you own safety at all times.
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