What are the Three Great Mysteries In Magic?
Birth, Life, and Death
And Love Controls Them All.
What are the Three Drops of Inspiration?
Three Golden Apples
Three Drops of Dew
Three Nuts on a Branch of Blue
What are the Three Notes of the Harp?
What are the Three Songs of the Bard?
Love in spring
Laughter at Midsummer
Mourning in winter
What are the Three Isles of the Mighty?
The Snow White Moon
The Emerald Green Earth
The Golden Sun Shining Bright
And What are These?
Three drops of Awen
Three birds of Rhiannon
Three rays of light
What is their Hue and How do they appear?
one Snow White
one Emerald Green
One Golden Like a Sunbeam
Shining Through the Night
What is the Hawk but the Merlin Son of Morfryn the Darkness?
Morfyn Daughter of Keridwen
What is the Cauldron but the Dark Womb of Ceridwen
Ceridwen the Mother of Talesin
Talesin a Grain of Wheat
In the line of Maelduf the Elder
A Bard of the Kings Hall
Son of Cian of the Wheat Song
A Master of the Pipe Harp and Crooth
When a Master sings
His Song shall be close to the Subject
And what is the Fire of Talesin?
Breath of the Awen
Spirit of the Cauldron
Warmed by Nine Maidens
I am the Song in the Hall
I am the Stock of the Chair
Not of Mother and Father was I Produced
But of Nine Elementary Fruits
Flowers and Nettles
Waters of the Ninth wave
The Goddess made Me Before the removal took place
On the perforated surface four scour hundred assembled
Neither older nor younger than me in their divisions
Decomposed and simplified they were put forth
Like a rush of hostile spears
The flood overfowed before them
While smiling at the side of the rock
The Boat of Glass and the stout youth with pitch
remained in calm tranquility
when the sons of the giant perished
my belt was a rainbow
enveloping my foe
Then at four smoking altars
did I not skillfully presage
the Fate that shall befall every man?
Then was I not the strong beamed active one of the Plow
The Ox of SEven Combats
A Fire on every head
A sheild in every Battle
A childs swaddling cloth
A sword in the Hand
Who but I knows the place where the sun goes to rest?
who but I knows the place of Arionrhod?
who but I knows the dwelling of the moon
who but I knows the stars from north to south
I am the Dragon before the Host
I am the Stag with Horns of Silver
I am the wolf of every great Forest
Is there but one spark of fire within the boundless All?
What two Hosts would not pause without blood when I am on the field of green?
I am preeminant in Battle
On the field of Blood there are none that can compare with me
Long and silver are my fingers
and to my sword
a multitude has submitted
It is long that I have been King
Yet I have wandered the earth
sporting in the gloom
But a thousand times better is my Queen
Cream Colored
Swift as a sea mew
Between the sea and the shore
With her crescent moon of Wicklow Gold
and ribbons of purple and blue
Rhiannon is wise and her love is true

Astregone Stregherian
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