Tara Solidarity Vigil Fire
Since the 21st of June 2006 to the date of writing July 19th 2006 a group of four people have kept a Solstice Fire Vigil burning / alive on Tara Hill. This is a part of their story. I did not light the fire from which they carry their vigil but then neither did they. They inherited it of maybe it inherited them. They do not seek to be heroes so I wont name them but I will try to tell their story as best as I can.

For me it started around Imbolg when I gave a slide show and lecture to the Cork Pagan Society in UCC. I showed slides of Opus Dei in the sacred valley of Tara and talked about fascist manipulation of the governance machine and the focused dedicated destruction of our Gaelic Heritage by the money making pirates. These are educated intelligent people and aware that the spirit of law is ignored for the profitable word of law.

I suggested the Green Branch as a new grouping celebrating our Celtic Gaelic Culture opposing bad governance decisions. I enjoyed this presentation and we had much strong QandA and then a second QandA in the pub. My friend and teacher Bev had suggested the idea of a Green Branch to me and I had just passed it on. The group on Tara guarding the Solstice Flame has one person from that lecture but the glory is not to be given to me but to the flame. The Green Branch is not used by the group as a name but in spirit they are expressing its essence.

They are in the process of setting up their own webpage or blog and avoid affilation with any group. I�ll let you know when it up and running. I do not claim control or anything like that over them or their activities. TaraWatch or Vincent Salafia have made use of their efforts by press releases and attempts to attach to their efforts. This is thin and not true but the spin needs to be undone. The image below is the actual pencil draft of their purpose / statement of intent. Do not read it to destroy it - instead read it to share with them in the intention.
Translation -
Saturday July 17th 2006
Tara Solidarity Vigil
We are a non-hierarchial peoples solidarity vigil, here in support of local people and all campaigns. We are adamant in our non-affiliation with any campaigns, political or religious parties but welcome any friends of Tara to our Solstice Vigil Fire which has been lit since the summer solstice.

The image below is of the fire in the camp on the west side of Tara Hill that has been kept burning now for nearly 30 days. It has not beeen enhanced or modified in any way.
Now regular readers and students druids wil know of many simple expressions of magic confirming the truth of the work we do on Tara every Full Moon and on the Eightfolds of the Solar Year. Things change - they must change. I have held a Full Moon Ceremonial �Ritual of Protection� on Tara since the Dark Moon of Lunar Samhain 2003. After Beltine of this year (2006) I changed this to a Water Ceremony and we have not lit a Sacred Fire on Tara since the twin fires of Beltine. On the Summer Sun Standing we had a Quartz Crystal Fire for our Drumming and Barefoot Dancing Ceremony. (Video available soon....) This is the lead up ....

On the Full Moon of the 11th of July we (the Dark Moon Grove of Druidschool) did not bring a Fire Box and wood charge or Five Bottles of Holy Water to our Ceremony. I dont know why I didnt - I just went forward and this is the story. We arrived on Tara early on the 11th and went over to the �camp� and had a chat. I know one of the group and wanted to share my learning curve and the reality I hold around the clever plan to destroy Tara. They all listened. I do not want or need to be in charge of their actions, and this was acknowledged. I offered and was accepted as a guide to a secret tour of other sites unknown to the general public that connect to the planned troll road through Tara Valley.

Three of the four came with me in our little jeep. We walked and I shared much that may be used later. For now I need to say as little as possible. When we returned to Tara Hill the other one of four had a suprise for us.
He did not know any thing at all about the White Mare Goddess of our Celtic Gaelic Ancestors. He was on a basic simple mission (with three of my group at the camp gathering wood and doing �security� on the flame) to find plastic containers to keep the food safe from rats when he found the White Mare in a skip (dumpster). Am I a fool when I suggest that the White Mare found him? Wooden and of one piece with a powerful pose this discarded little symbol of the Goddess manifested itself at just the right time. My partner Niamh said she smiled when he produced it and suggested that he should bring it to our Full Moon Ceremony.

None of the four had attended our ceremonies on the Full Moon before and they must have had certain apprehension. Many grove members turned up including a first time new student and we all looked and chatted about the little wooden white horse.

We stood in circle and paid no attenmtion to the clock time. Helen (who has done so much) turned up just as I had finished thre dedication or reasoning for our ceremonies and produced a hank of flax. You make linen from flax but in this state it looks like a horse mane. You can see this is in the image.

We held our ceremony and at the end we can to the centre and on our knees I gave a guided visualisation of Tara's Celtic Goddess Dreaming - a suggested midnight visualisation located in the high valley of Tara -

"Tall leafy trees behind a Lady in White sitting on a White Mare; she leans forward offering a branch of thirteen leaves to three Celtic Women who open their hands to receive and reflect the old ways again. Eight Celtic Men form a semi circle around the three Celtic Women facing the Horse Goddess who emits a gentle white Light. Peace and Calm. Then, the neighing of a wild horse and the thunder of many hooves and the White Mare lifts her head to the gallop responding to the call to run free in the sacred valley... The 'Three Ladies and the Eight Men' of Tara step back enraptured in the graceful movement of the herd. This Fairy Host gallops along the entire Valley of the White Mare and down to the River of the Cow Goddess and back again, no fences or gates - just lush rolling grasslands edged by forest and overlooked by Rath Lugh and Rath Miles. Their free raw energy bursts through the mask of illusions every night at midnight. Light and freshness evolves in their space."

I was nearly crying, the tears were up and the power of our ceremonies was terrific. The final lifting of the centre of our opened dome of light as we threw it to the shy sent a huge rush up my subtle energy system.

A new phase of our activities to Save Tara Valley had evolved. I�m glad I had not brought the scared fire box or the 5 bottles of holy water because we actually had the White Mare Goddess in wood.
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