Off Grid Celtic Spirituality weekend courses 2016
Three introductory weekends

Three introductory weekends

All seekers know that although the Celtic Path has been hidden for a long time - a truly unique Celtic Path exists for each of us. Your spiritual adventure is your unique way of truly being who you really are and we as your guides will endeavor to steer you away from any fog of confusion as we dismantle the lies of history and shine a Light to show you the way. We will guide you to understanding and making your own personal connection to the Celtic Druid Path - Realm of SKY, Realm of LAND and Realm of SEA.
Getting focused on your Celtic Path

Getting focused on your Celtic Path

We will guide you to get direct and personal contact with the knowledge of the Ancestors and with the Source. For these 3 weekends we use �Tr� Aisling� (aka 3 magical dreamings) for access to each of the Three Realms. Conscious co-creation is an expression of focused dreaming in this world and this is crucial to walking your Path. We seek understanding of the Three Cauldrons within us as a mirror / inner expression of the outer Three Realms.

The force that moves the energy through the Realms and Cauldrons is not the actual energy and this is key to deeper connection. Living in True Time helps us step away from the worker robot control mechanism as we align with and celebrate the cycles of the Sun and Moon and just as our Ancestors did; so do we. Each Dru� Dalta (student druid) will collect 3 symbols, one for each of the Three Realms / Three Cauldrons to keep as keys to the framework of the Path - these keys open the doorways of perception to your own Celtic Path.

On our three introductory weekends we will begin with the Triple Blessings as used on Tara and at Temple Crom - this balances, connects and fills our Lightbodies feeding our Spirits for the Path we walk. These 3 weekends support and compliment our online course empowering Pathworkers to gain deep personal understanding and thereby unique individual expression of what it means to walk your own personal Celtic Path.
Realm of SKY (Weekend 1 of 3)  9+10 April 2016

Realm of SKY (Weekend 1 of 3) 9+10 April 2016

We seek strong connection with the Sky as we watch its �moods� such as storms, tornadoes, heavy rain and extended dry periods because all these expressions directly affect us. In the Realm of Sky we can also see the myths of our great heroes. We also look to the cycles of True Time that our Ancestors looked at and we see the importance of the 4 bright stars of the Zodiac that make an equal arm cross within the year marking Imbolg, Beltine, Lughnasa agus Samhain. True Time frees us from �slave time� and sets in motion a current of connection to the Celtic Path. We will also work with magical dreaming or �Aisling� with a spirit animal to take us to the Ancestors in the Realm of Sky and afterwards we have a group sharing.
In the dreaming each person will be given a symbol in Ogham that will be carved on a leather strip as a memory recall. This will be added to other symbols of the Realms and kept in a handsown leather bag that we call Corr Bolg or in English - Crane Bag. This Corr Bolg has a cotton webbing strap designed to go over the head - into this magic bag each Dru� Dalta will place the 3 symbols and the 3 Oghams gathered on the three �Becoming a Celtic Druid� weekend courses. Each Dru� Dalta (student druid) will will keep the symbols of each of the Three Realms and Cauldrons as keys to their Path - these keys open the doorways of perception to your inner and outer Path. Each Pathworker will happily change / upgrade the symbols / keys as part of being on their Path.

The Realm of Sky is the outward expression of our inner Cauldron of Wisdom. The Cauldron of Wisdom is located inside the skull and by design it is upside down. As Dru� we seek to upright this Cauldron so that we can hold the Wisdom of our life and access /connect to the Wisdom of the Ancestors. The chaos of chronic thinking and multitudes of distractions combine to cause many of us to focus primarily on survival but on this weekend as Dru� on a Path of Awareness we learn techniques to steady our thoughts and intuitions thereby turning the cauldron to hold higher knowledge.

This workshop has now been completed for 2016.

Realm of LAND (Weekend 2 of 3) 28 + 29 May 2016

Realm of LAND (Weekend 2 of 3) 28 + 29 May 2016

We live on the Land and as Dru� we are charged with responsibilities as its guardians and its stewards - "We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children". The Realm of Land is between Sky and Sea, it is not separate but in-between the upper and lower realms, it is a physical manifestation of the interaction of all three realms. The Stone Temples of Ireland are the enduring monuments that our Ancestors created to hold a positive balance supporting energetic harmony and all that this brings. Understanding abundance while working with Nature means comprehending, copying and complimenting Nature and we explain the principles of Permaculture guiding each to do our part as caretaker of the Realm of Land.
Each of the three �Becoming a Celtic Druid� weekends has an Aisling (guided dreaming) generating a symbol for each of the Three Realms and Cauldrons, see above.

The Realm of Land is the outward expression of our inner Cauldron of Vocation. The Cauldron of Vocation is located inside the chest and by design it is upside down. As Dru� we seek to upright this Cauldron so that we can discover and share our Vocation with deep understanding and happiness. Vocation is the sharing of our special gifts without seeking reward or personal gain, while at the same time we become a greater channel for the Light due to expanded capacity. The day to day mundane job or paying work that we do may not express our special skills but on this weekend as Dru� on a Path of Awareness we learn techniques to share the things / abilities that we have thereby turning the cauldron to build / share our vocation with others.

Realm of LAND (2 of 3) Introduction to �Becoming a Celtic Druid� Weekend starts at 10am on 28 May and is completed at 5pm on 29 of May. Fee E200
Realm of SEA  (Weekend 3 of 3) 25 + 26 June 2016

Realm of SEA (Weekend 3 of 3) 25 + 26 June 2016

Humanity emerged from the Realm of Sea and we have the ability to return to the Sea to walk in it, swim in it and to sail upon it, to harvest food from it - this reminds us that we have a great responsibility to protect the Sea. The Realm of Sea is the great neutralizer, absorbing and storing carbon, transforming the outflow from great rivers while holding its salt balance - this salt balance of the Sea is the same as in each individual cell within our bodies. The incredible magical ability of the Realm of Sea to wash away our emotional 'charges', to balance our electric / magnetic fields and to cleanse our Spirits is explained in technical and in practical terms enabling each Dalta to release energetic disturbances and refresh our Lightbodies.
Each of the three �Becoming a Celtic Druid� weekends has an Aisling (guided dreaming) generating a symbol for each of the Three Realms and Cauldrons, see above.

The Realm of Sea is the outward expression of our inner Cauldron of Warming and is located inside the belly. In Warming we make energy from food without trying or applying any special effort. The Cauldron of Warming is located inside the stomach and by design it is the correct way up - otherwise we could not live in the physical sense for very long... As Dru� we seek to fill this Cauldron with Living Water and the best quality Organic Living Food. We look closely at the holistic value (or non-value) of different foods that we put into the cauldron to make our meals - most importantly is the quality of Water we put into this lower cauldron. We also look at practical methods and the benefits of Detox.

Realm of Sea (3 of 3) Introduction to �Becoming a Celtic Druid� Weekend starts at 10am on Saturday 25th June and is completed at 5pm on Sunday 26th of June. Fee E200
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Living in True Time

Living in True Time

There are three times to be considered - the Past, the Present and Now. Each �Time� has associations and challenges and rewards and we as humans seem to float between them. It is an aim of the awakened ones to know of the Past, expect a Future but to live in the Now. This �Nowness� is a condition called Perfect Presence and we all experience it as children - it is important for us to regain that happiness of simply being. The cycles of the Sun and Moon are honoured by ceremony and at these gatherings we step in to the Now as our Ancestors did. You will enter this time space with us at Ceremony on this Introduction to Becoming a Celtic Druid.
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Course Notes

Course Notes

To take any of these weekend courses you must be a fully subscribed member
You may start with any of these three introduction weekends.
Suitable for beginners and 4 students maximum.
Male and female sharing a bunkbed dormitory with en-suite shower.
All students are involved in wash up and chores.
If you have special diet needs - you must tell us at the time of booking your place.

Detailed participation requirements
Mobile phones and Internet - you will turn off all IT equipment until you leave, there is no TV here, this is to assist you to make full contact with your intuition and ultimately with your higher self.

Food, drink and drugs - there will be no chocolate or sugar / substitutes, no alcoholic drink and no mind altering drugs. Please tell us of any special diet needs you may have and if you have any medical issues that we may need to know of.

These weekends include mental detox and body re-hydration. Please begin to re-hydrate before joining us - stop sugar intake and increase your water consumption to minimum of 4 pints per day. Note - tea, coffee, beer, fizzy drinks do not count as drinking water as they all require your body to supply water to soften their effects. Four pints of water a day will flush out toxins and prepare your physical body to get your Lightbody nice and shiny for ever.

Arrival and departure - you will arrive at The Celtic Druid Temple, Candlefield, Trien, Castlerea, Co Roscommon at or before 10am on the first day. There are taxis from the train station in Castlerea for E10 approx or if driving click how to get here You will leave before noon on the last day.

Accommodation is in the two bunks (i.e. 4 beds) dormitory sharing washroom facilities.

Journal - you are required to bring and keep a paper journal. In this written work you are to list your hopes and wishes for your stay. Before bed you will write up a report of your experiences and their value to you.

An Nealadoir (Skywatcher)
If the sky is clear we may gather outside and practice as An Nealadoir (Skywatcher) this is part of connecting to Natural Time. We will use our eyes and maybe our 5inch reflector scope to study the Stars Moon and Planets above.

Full Moon, Dark Moon and Solar Ceremony � on these days / evenings we may be joined by other Dru� as we celebrate the cycles of Natural Time.

Reality check - Warning
If you are not in good health and fit for outdoor work this programme of activities may not be for you. You must bring work gloves and sturdy boots. Any participants who are unable for whatever reasons to perform / assist in various activities or outdoor work we will ask you to leave � there can be no refund. You are required to read and agree with the concepts in our membership declaration and become a subscribed member before arrival.

All food will be organic and from a local supplier where possible. Our drinking water is from a holy well and everyone will have 4 pints of living water per day. This course is not suited to dehydrated or otherwise ill people.

Ireland's Druidschool is the teaching aspect of the Celtic Druid Temple, Castlerea, Co Roscommon, Ireland.
Volunteering Opportunities linked to Courses

Volunteering Opportunities linked to Courses

Dru� Dalta� may join us before and after these weekend courses as volunteers assisting in our Woodland Meitheal Please see our FAQ at Volunteering with us Some feedback from course participants can be read at Testimonials from past students If you wish to join us as a Volunteer for Woodland Meitheal for a day or two after your Sl� an Dru� 'Becoming a Celtic Druid weekend - you must ask before the course so we can make plans...
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