Schools Petition for Tara
Equinox 06
Hi Con just one more note,
I have sent out the 800 letters with the Tara Campaign petitions to all the schools in Ireland after stops and starts to get it completed and to save to send them.
They are now out there and the first reaction of a school was a teacher rang complaining about what I was doing and that it is illegal ( which it is not I had that checked out long before I put pen to paper ) and that she was going to ring the Department of Education and complain me ( I had done that already myself and they are taking no stand what so ever on the matter they are staying neutral as long as it does not interfere with the education of the kids they are staying out of it).

I was expecting such reations and I must say I am so used to dealing with peole like that, that it seems more normal as it should. I find it good in one why as it really is a fight between light and dark and everyones opinion is accepted. I will inform you as it goes along the end date that the petitions should come back is 1st November.

All the Best Con
Light and Love
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