Celtic Royal City of Tara from the Air
The images shown below are an attempt to share the truth of the scale of destruction planned by the Troll Road Pirates as they destroy the sacred valley in the Celtic Royal City of Tara. There is no true need for any new road to go through the high valley at Tara - but an extreme fundamentalist religious group (Opus Dei) are quietly facilitating the destruction of an older native cultural treasure = the little stream called the Gabhra and over 40 ancient monuments by this stream. The Gabhra in old Irish means the White Mare, a Horse Goddess to the Iron Age Celts who honoured her as Edain Echraidhe. Our TV, Newspapers and Radio media has aligned with the road builders and only a small number of people oppose the forced double troll road because they know the truth. These graphics attempt to share more truth to those who care. See also the Tara na R� page for more info on what you can do to stop the un-necessary destruction for private profit.
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