The 'grown up' bully
Under this heading I will place all essays, exposures and articles that reveal the truth beneath the illusion of respectability as used by Fascists today. This is about "bullies" and what they do. Today most Fascists present as well meaning members of society on the surface. But beneath this facade, you can see (if you look hard enough) the true nature of this control complex of the 'grown up' bully.

The behaviour of any Fascist (declared or hidden) has obsessive preoccupation with humiliation or victim hood - the "lets get them" syndrome. There must be some one to attack, however underhandedly. With this comes the 'gang mentality', the committed supremicist militants, who seek the approval of and interaction with the traditional elites or money barons. Fascism erodes democratic liberties offering only violence (physical or virtual) and operates without legal constraints. The 'higher' intention of Fascism includes the removal of all objectors thus making the 'gang' into the biggest power block. Fascism is often hidden as it can get away with more bad deeds this way. Truth and exposure are the greatest cures for Fascism.

George Orwell, British writer and author of "1984" and "Animal Farm", has said that -
"Except for the relatively small number of Fascist sympathisers, almost any English person would accept �bully� as a synonym for �Fascist�. That is about as near to a definition as this much-abused word has come."
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