Garda� protect Celtic Druid Ceremony
The following is taken direct from the Sunday Mirror on December 24 2006

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I asked cops to guard me at Solstice after threats from a rival druid

Ireland�s druids needed Garda protection during their winter solstice celebrations after a series of death threats against their leader from a rival. Archdruid Con Connor led a small band of followers outside Newgrange to mark one of the highpoints in the Druid calendar flanked by a Garda squad car. Rival druid leader Michael McGrath, who calls himself the archdruid of Tara has told his supporters to shoot rival Con Connor �on sight�.

Druid Connor took the threats so seriously he called for Garda protection for the ceremony on Friday to mark the shortest day. A Garda spokesman said: �we were there to make sure nobody disturbed the ceremony�, Dark Moon Grove Archdruid Connor said: �I have exposed him as a fascist and now he is threatening to have me killed. This madman should be in care but instead he is running around issuing death threats. Mr McGrath needs to enter into medical healing and by that I mean heavy sedatives. He is not a real druid. He has just made up some organisation and he only has a couple of followers�.

Right-wing McGrath who once described Hitler as a �genius�, admitted using websites to call for Connors execution. Last week McGrath used the white supremacist website Stormfront to call on his followers to murder Connor and one of his druids. He said, �between these couple of commie queers, I could commit murder. These are the only two scum that I am interested in. Everybody but everybody knows I hate queers. Shoot him on sight if you see him�.

The self-styled archdruid of Tara was previously convicted for putting up hate-filled notices about a Garda officer in Kilkenny. McGrath stood for election in 1985 calling for �all non-white doctors� to be kicked out of Kilkenny. He also called for all gay men to be automatically jailed for ten years to stop the spread of AIDS. McGrath also tried to organise a new racist party on a fascist website after the murder of Kilkenny postman Alan Cunniffe.

Last night Mr Connor said, �I have never met Michael McGrath face to face. I have never even spoken to him over the phone. I have no intention or wish to meet the man. Pagans are people who connect with the earth and the goddess. But McGrath claims he is a Catholic druid, which is a bit like saying you are a pagan Jew. It doesn�t make sense. McGrath is a fascist who was humiliated when he stood for election so he decided to present himself as a druid�.

Last night Mr McGrath claimed he �regretted� some of the language he had used on the internet. He said �Connor is a vicious little English pagan and I do wish he was dead. But some of the language I used about gay people was excessive. It was just done in the heat of the moment�. McGrath denied he had ever stood for election for the National Socialist Irish Workers Party. He claimed: �there was another Michael McGrath who operated out of this same address in Kilkenny. But he was a totally different person. I heard he died over ten years ago in England. I have said I admired the German economic miracles of the years 1933 to 1938. National Socialist economies were the best, with full employment and the German worker earning the best wages and conditions. I still hold to the belief that Hitler was a genius up until 1938 when he went insane and in his totalitarian madness launched the Holocaust�


Thirteen gathered to celebrate the shortest day at Br� na Boinne, despite the death threats. Our circle included a Druid from Australia, and others came from Northern Ireland, Wexford, Kildare, Mayo, Meath, Leitrim, Dublin and Roscommon. We enjoyed a simple ceremony in Irish honouring the Old Gods at the Old Temples on the turning of the sun. It was the first time we were accompanied by a journalist and photographer from a national newspaper and two uniformed Garda� in a big white car with bright yellow stripes.
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