Full Moon Ceremony on Tara 3-1-07
A group of Pagans and Druids gathered on the Hill of Tara on Wednesday 3rd of January 2007 to support the "Ritual of Protection" ceremony that we have held at every Full Moon on Tara since Samhain 2003. It was a cold night with a strong wind blowing from the southwest. The Moon was strong, sharp and very bright and high up in the sky above Tara. The crisp air gave us a wide view of house and streetlights from the villages and towns that surround Tara. Car headlights and taillights could be seen below in Tara Valley on the existing N3.

We lit our sacred fire in the same sacred firebox that we have used since Samhain 2003 (pictures of our firebox at http://www.druidschool.com/site/1030100/page/883954 ) and the strong winds caused the fire spirit to dance wildly with great force and a continual stream of sparks. This caused mild amusement because the Garda� (Irish Police) were in the car park where these sparks were headed but we relaxed when we saw these sparks burn out close to us. The Garda� had been asked to be present to protect our ceremony from interference by a known fascist and his gang. He is a sad old man who has publicly threatened to kill me and he has also incited others to have me shot. The Garda� are pursuing a Criminal Case against this man for his multiple death threats to me. May his medical healing begin soon. This Garda presence was the second time that our Pagan Druidic Ceremony has been acknowledged and protected by the forces of Law and Order in the Irish State. It is for me the complete bouncing of a negative attack by a fascist into a positive protective acknowledgement of the Pagan Rights / Rites of Celtic Druids. This positive magic turned the vile darkness of one sad old man into happy light supported by the "authorities".

Our gathering was very much as ease with the strong winds and cold air because we were dressed in layers with gloves, hats and our druid robes to keep us warm and dry. I always begin any ceremony I hold with an explanation of our dedication so that there is no confusion or misunderstanding by those who may stand with us. Sometimes we have casual attendees join us just for fun - so I always explain our reason for the ceremony and because of this they almost always stay because they are in awareness of our intention. I explained that the reason we hold this "Ritual of Protection" is to release the Light of Tara from the deliberate darkness that was placed over it. This was done a long time ago but this darkness is today supported by ignorance and hidden agendas of the greedy who seek to destroy the integrity of the Royal Celtic City of Tara. We are repeatedly told by the spin-doctors that Tara is just the 100 acres on top of Tara Hill. This is a lie. Tara is a huge Celtic Royal City that is over five miles wide and about three miles north south - it covers two hilltops and a sacred valley in between. These hills are called Skryne and Tara and the Valley is called the Gabhra (more on this under Tara na R� tab and images under the Gallery tab). In the middle of this sacred valley of the Royal City of Tara is the E10m Opus Dei Headquarters at Lismullen. This Opus Dei complex with its steel barred ground floor windows is effectively a Papal Embassy. The forced double troll road (M3) is intended to destroy the landscape expression of the Gabhra Stream that is sacred to the Celtic Horse Goddess - Edain Echraidhe and by so doing it keeps as far away as possible from Opus Dei and eats into the important ancient monument called Rath Lugh. Rath Lugh is a horseshoe shaped defensive enclosure to the northeast of the Royal City. It was probably the Royal Stables as it guarded the road to the coast. This coast road goes due east and is protected by the boundary of the River Boyne. All ancient roads to the coast from Royal Cities were called �Gold Roads�. Opus Dei have dis-appeared a section of this Gold Road nearest to their Lismullin Embassy. On the northern slopes of Tara Hill itself is the intended site of a 30-acre interchange for the forced M3 double troll road to cross the existing N3 national route. There is no need for such a monstrosity except for exploitation and greed by those who can manipulate authorities. Somehow all this is kept secret and the media looks elsewhere - tv and radio presenters bully objectors by saying - "and are you from the area? (i.e. Tara)" seeking to devalue opinions that declare the National, European and World significance of this huge landscape setting of the complex that is the Tara of the Kings.

Then we begin our ceremony proper. We harmonise our energy fields with the Celtic Druids Cross of Light and reaffirm our connection to source with a Blessing to the Three Realms. Partly in Gaelic and partly in English - we call the elements, directions, star groups, archangel stars and energies of the universe to join with us in our work of protection. We hold a healing circle and we call on our teachers and guides to support our work. We call upon the old Gods, the spirits of the three realms, the Mother Goddess in the land and also on the energies of the Shining One - the Moon. There is more to it than this but you have to be there to understand it.

Now with the build up of energies we enter into the collective 'Dream' of the Celtic Horse Goddess - details at http://www.druidschool.com/site/1030100/page/837902 The sacred valley is a landscape expression that was named after the Goddess but this was corrupted in modern times to a word that translates as 'goat'. But the goat re-transforms into a beautiful White Mare and her spirit runs free once more. Then we symbolically tear the "blanket of darkness" that has been laid over Tara and our native culture and then four (of our gathering) throw these torn sections 3 miles in each direction. The remaining members of the gathering come into the centre and together we lift and throw the centre up into the sky on an out breath creating a three dimensional Dome of Light. This is the end of our ceremony and we now get close to the fire box for a bit of heat. We 'break out' into open chat and sharing and the craic is always good - one Druid remarked that just as in the 'Dreaming' where there are Three Ladies and Eight Men that tonight there was Three Ladies and Eight Men in ceremony in the real world.

Twenty minutes later as we walked down to the car park carrying the now empty and cold firebox still chatting and sharing stories we saw the big white car with the yellow stripe and two protectors in blue uniforms drive off to their other duties. We were glad of their support/protection for our "Ritual of Protection" and at the same time glad that they did not have to actually stop any attempted murder. We had returned Irishmen from America, a returned Irishman Druid from Australia join us in the physical realm for our moonthly gathering. A group hug in the car park and off home we all went with big smiles and warm hearts. Another excellent Full Moon "Ritual of Protection" on Tara Hill and our work shared with two men heading to America and a strong Druid heading to Australia spreading the Light with sincerity and ease.
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