A definition for a Gaelic Pagan -
If you were to walk a path beside a stream that leads to a river that feeds a great ocean - then let that Path be Gaelic, let the stream be Celtic and let the river be Galactic and let the ocean be the Cosmic Tradition and may you enjoy every step of the dance of life.

As you follow your chosen path keep your senses open to the other paths around you and where these other paths complement and enrich your own path use them too, but always maintaining clear sight of the path you have chosen. This world has become very small; we must preserve and protect our unique Gaelic Culture and Celtic Heritage as our rich inheritance. We must love life, honour the gods, do no evil, practice bravery, seek wisdom and as we walk our path we must always have tolerance for others.

You must always remain vigilant, be prepared to face your demons and discover your own truth. When you do this: you uphold Truth in a world of dishonesty and trickery. There is a lot more to the Gaelic Path such as our language, music, song and dance, traditional story telling and crafts etc but the greatest beauty of it all is the individual essence that you can bring into flower as you openly express your freedom to be happy as a Gaelic Pagan.

Pagan Oath
We honour the idea of Gods and Goddesses as the Source of all Creation. We celebrate the Gaelic Pagan Festivals on the cycles of the Sun and Moon. We acknowledge the inherent lifeforce in all things.
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