Tara Valley Protest Imbolg 9-2-07
The photo's below are of protestors seeking to Save Tara Valley on a Friday afternoon 5pm ish 9 Feb 07. The location is where the forced double troll road is planned to cross the existing national route N3 in Tara Valley north. It was cold but bright and sunny. Many motorists beeped (honked) their horns in support. A few gave two fingered signs or shouted 'fuck off' to our brave protestors. The ratio was 8 beepers to 2 hand-signers showing a positive support for our protest intentions. 40 silents, 8 beepers and 2 fingers was the ratio. Trucks and vans slowed the traffic to half speed as they honked support - this allowed car passengers opportunity to see and read our flags, banners and shields. Maybe the Irish people are waking up a bit as they prepare for an Election suprise for the end of governance. I hope so - please ask friends and family -

Vote Save Tara Valley.

This protest was on the side of the main road through sacred valley of the White Mare in the Royal Gaelic City of Celtic Tara. We stood facing the (proposed M3) forced double troll toad where they intend to cross the existing N3 road.
If everyone in Ireland that wants to Save Tara Valley tells their FF / PD TDs that you are not voting for them because of their inherent corruption, bad decisions such as at Rossport, free gas to Shell, the forced troll road at Tara Valley and so on, then we can send a clear message for change. Ignore FG as they are FFish anyway..

If everyone that wants to Save Tara Valley tells their Labour / SF / Greens canditates that we want to them to stop the corruption, to revert bad decisions such as at Rossport, no free gas to Shell, re-route the forced troll road away from Tara Valley and so on the we can give clear instructions for change.

Everyone in Meath that wants to Save Tara Valley can tell Noel Dempsey that you are not voting for him because he was the local FF TD as the Minister for the Environment when this idea was put forward in the first place. His is a disgrace and should be shamed.

The government should be afraid of the people and the people should not be afriad of governance. Bad decisions can and must be changed. Your vote can change things for the better.

The Gaelic Royal City of Tara covers the hill tops of Tara and Skryne with the sacred Gabhra valley in the middle. This is our unique Celtic Heitage, it needs protection as a World Heritage Park with an Integrated Transport Plan which includes fixing the old disused rail to Dublin.

Vote Save Tara Valley where ever you live, but make sure that the canditates that call to your home know what you require of them.
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