Campaign to Save Tara Proclamation
Three lady members of the Campaign to Save Tara dressed up as the three goddesses of sovereignty of Ireland, �riu, F�tla and Banba. This event was held on was International Women's Day.

Quoting Dr. Muireann N� Bhrolch�in - �On Thursday 8th. March three women walked to the D�il, where a Proclamation was read out. The Proclamation asserts the rights of the people of Ireland to their heritage and historical places, and the duty of the Government to protect that heritage.
The three women represent the three ancient Goddesses of Ireland; �riu, Banbha, and F�dhla, who traditionally stand for Sovereignty, Wisdom and Justice. The protesters claim that these three principles are being breached by the proposed motorway.�

The Proclamation read:
"The Government and National Roads Authority scheme to deface the Tara/ Skryne Valley with the M3 tolled motorway signals a massive National and International tragedy that must be prevented. The destruction of our ancestral past inflicts a wound on the collective memory and so this cultural vandalism presents a clear and present threat to the welfare of future generations.
Today, International Women's Day, we call on the Government, particularly the Taoiseach, the Minister for Transport and the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government to reverse the decision to build the M3 in an area which is both timeless and priceless".

Quoting Dr. Muireann N� Bhrolch�in - In addition to the re-routing of the road the protesters want the Tara/Skryne Valley designated a World Heritage Site. Under the UNESCO World Heritage Convention, which was signed by Ireland in Paris 1972, the area of the Hill of Tara fulfils all three categories as a World Heritage Site; having being created intentionally, having evolved organically and being of cultural importance. The Campaign to Save Tara is a new umbrella group based in Navan, its General Election campaign strategy will be formally launched in the next few weeks.

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