What can you do? Tara Valley report - 23 May 07
After I sent the urgent Druidschool Newsletter earlier today, I got into the jeep with Niamh and we drove straight to Tara. As soon as we had left our estate in Clondalkin, west Dublin we stopped and put the Save Tara Valley Posters up on the jeep again - �the whole world is held together with Gaff Tape� is a quote from the world of music but today our jeep was to have four posters fixed to it with Gaff Tape - all the posters said - Vote Save Tara Valley.
When we went to the machiney compound at Dunshaughlin where 30 workers attacked 10 peaceful protesters yesterday with violence and verbal abuse we were greeted with arrogant smiles and hard stares. We took no notice but we did notice that those workers at the gate to the machinery compound did take notice of our posters. We drove away and allowed the road users to see our posters. Just like yesterday - we stopped for a while at many safe locations and allowed the traffic to pass us - gaining even greater viewing numbers.

We do not have a mobile phone, and we did not know where the protest was to be, even though I had been speaking to the protesters only an hour before we left home. It takes about an hour for us to get to Tara. As we drove along Tara Valley we were spotted and beeped by a protester who stopped and told us where we were to link up with the group. We went to Collierstown where there had been two huge mounds of human and animal remains.
These ancesteral burial mounds have been destroyed by 22 ton diggers in a commercial excavation to force the double troll road into the sacred valley of the Royal City of Tara beside the Opus Dei HQ. The first thing we saw when we arrived was a group of hi-vis jacketed men and the Campaign to Save Tara group in conversation at the service gate. In the background is the severly damaged sacred burial grounds of Collierstown - that is to say the two mounds and the space between them - but the two mounds do not exist anymore because the diggers removed them.
It is so ironic it is unreal. The four men in hi-vis jackets were all Spanish - our Gaelic Ancestors, the Sons of Mil were from Galecia in Northern Spain and now a group of Natives were trying to stop a group of Spaniards from further destroying the ancesteral resting grounds of our combined Sapnish forefathers. The four Spanish men were all driving new jeeps with Irish reg and they were waiting for a fencing company - Mulligan Fencing. They arrived and we were informed that this company pays its workers in cash - no tax, no union - just do it quick. Our combined presence detered them from fencing the area that was open. This gave away their plan for tomorrow and as a consequence of this a plan of defence formulated itself for the protesters.
The four Spaniards and the two Mulligan workers finally left. We saw it was their end to the working day and we went into the partly destroyed national monument. This site had been the resting place of maybe a thousand ancestors. It had been excavated and destroyed by 22 ton diggers. The spoil heaps are full of discarded human and animal bones. We also saw and gathered many horse teeth, a bit of jaw with some fox or dog teeth and a possible human tooth. The following images are of what has been deliberatly ignored by the road archaeologists. There are thousands of teeth and bones just left lying in the desecrated but sacred burial ground. This is a crime - but the Garda� now seem to work for Shell and the Toll Road companies and do not protect the people of Ireland or their ancesteral sacred burial grounds.
I have written this second report today to try to stimulate a group emailing to the Irish Newspapers in the hope of Saving Tara Valley. Many people responded to my previous email today by asking what can we do? Make a noise on the internet by emailing the papers or if you can please contact the protesters - The Campaign to Save Tara seeks actual supporters to stand with them tomorrow 24-5-07 against the commercial corruption to Save Tara Valley. This is an urgent request.

The contact numbers are - At the front line 087 6643706, Vigil Group 086 1758557.

Full contact details of the newspapers in Ireland are below - but if you can you should write to your own local newspaper as well.
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The many bones and teeth scattered all around this site at Collierstown compare to those we recently found at Lismullin Henge beside Opus Dei HQ. There are actually thousands of bones and teeth everywhere we looked. We will bury the bones later this year in a place where road builders will never go. The problem is that so much has been discarded because of their commercial or financial restraints. I doubt that any proper preservation will be carried out on the remains in care of the toll road building company as no proper excavation has been carried out to date. Every archaeologist on this project should be ashamed of his or her self.

It is critical that letters are sent to the Irish newspapers and papers around the world who have pubished on the issue, while the topic is hot again. The more letters they receive, the more they publish. So even if yours doesn't get in, you are helping somebody else get one in. When writing, be sure to respond to a quote, with the given date, in a recent article written in the publication.
The main papers are the The Irish Times, Irish Independent, Irish Examiner, Meath Chronicle, Sunday Times, Sunday Tribune, and Sunday Independent.

An archive of recent newspapers articles can be found at: /http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hilloftara/

The Irish Times
http://www.ireland.com (paid subscription, except front page)
"The Irish Times receives a great many letters each day and it is possible to find space only for a small selection. When writing, bear in mind that short letters are more likely to be published than long ones and that letters ranging over several topics are unlikely to appear. It is generally best to make one point as concisely as possible, without preamble. When referring to an article, report or previous letter in The Irish Times, it is helpful to give the date of publication, if possible.
All letters intended for publication should be clearly marked "Letters to the Editor". They may be sent by post to:
The Irish Times, 10-16 D'Olier Street, Dublin 2; by fax to: 01 675 8035; by e-mail to: lettersed@irish-times.ie (preferably without attachments).
Please do not send letters intended for publication to other Irish Times e-mail addresses. All letters, including e-mails, should include the writer's full name, postal address, and telephone numbers (day and evening). Letter-writers may receive a subsequent telephone call from The Irish Times. This is part of our authentication procedure and does not amount to a commitment to publish. We regret that we cannot give prior notice of a letter's publication date, acknowledge unpublished letters, or discuss the merits of individual letters. It is our policy to represent as wide a range of views as possible within the constraints of libel and taste. However, we do require writers to put their names to their opinions. Therefore, we do not publish letters using pseudonyms or other formulae to conceal the writer's identity, such as "name and address with editor". Please note also that we do not print copies of letters addressed to someone else."

The Irish Independent
You can phone your Letters to the Editor on freephone 1-800-733-733
Or, email directly to The Editor of the Irish Independent: independent.letters@unison.independent.ie http://www.unison.ie/irish_independent/ (free - registration required)

The Irish Examiner

The Irish Examiner (print edition),
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+353 21 4272722.
http://www.examiner.ie (free-registration optional)

The Meath Chronicle (free - registration required)
ken@meath-chronicle.ie / brian@meath-chronicle.ie

The Sunday Times - Ireland

The Sunday Independent

You can be creative with your letter to the press - you could suggest an eBay auction of the ancesteral remains to the the Disporia, a treasure hunt for Ist year archaeologists at E500 per head per day, the remains could be sold to foreign museums at a fixed price per ton and so on. You could simply ask why our government allows such criminality or how much money have the toll road builders allowed for preservation of the thousands of human and animal remains that they have now gathered. How much does it cost to preserve these bones in a warehouse?

You could also ask that people VOTE SAVE TARA VALLEY in tomorrows general election.
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