Eamil to and from John Gormley, Minister
Hi John,

thank you for your email. I know you are busy so I appreciate your taking
the time to reply to me. You and I both know that you might not be hearing
all the truth from the Department Officials regarding legalities in the
complexity of huge monuments that have been found and will be found on the
route of the forced M3 in the high valley of Tara.

Joe Fenwick of the Discovery Team declared the possibility of a huge Henge
in Tara Valley over a year ago. The following is taken from Archaeology
Ireland - Summer 2006 -

"Most curious of all, however, is the fact that this site lies at the centre
of a vast circular enclosure, part of which coincides with the townland
boundary and the remainder of which has been mapped geophysically. It
measures c. 170m in diameter-large enough to accommodate Croke Park's
playing field. The existence of this concentric enclosure is largely ignored
in the official report. This is a particularly unusual monument and, on
account of its size and landscape context, is of enormous cultural
significance. It may yet prove to be a unique form of henge, a ritual
monument dating to the Early Bronze Age." - by archaeologist Joe Fenwick
describing a site in the Gabhra Valley, one of 38 monuments to be affected
by the new M3 motorway near the Hill of Tara (Village 11-17 May 2006)

I want to ask you to seek a meeting with Conor Newman and Joe Fenwick and to
walk the Sacred Valley from Roestown through Collierstown, Baronstown and
then into Lismullin townlands. See for yourself the sheer size and
complexity of monuments in the valley and recognise their connectedness.
These are the two best-qualified archaeologists in Ireland to help you see
the archaeology.

I would show you another layer of understanding - the esoteric ritual and
ceremonial attributes of a gigantic cosmic calendar predating Rome and
Greece and how it worked to measure giant Cycles of Time. I would show you
where the four roads to Tara meet only one field away from the Opus Dei HQ
in Lismullin. I would explain that the little stream in the sacred valley
was named after the White Mare, the Iron Age Celtic Horse Goddess - Edain
Echraidhe. (In Wales - she is Rhiannon, in France - Epona). It is not just
about a single huge henge - it is about the complexity of the landscape
setting of a multitude of sacred ceremonial enclosures in the ritual valley
of the Royal City of Gaelic Ireland - Tara na R�. This is the most fantastic
discovery ever made about ancient Gaelic Ireland.

You have the power, Minister Gormley, to Save Tara Valley for future
generations. Use it and help make Tara Valley into a World Heritage Site.
You will be remembered for this.


Con Connor

01 4578343

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Sent: Saturday, June 16, 2007 8:11 PM
Subject: RE: Save Tara Valley

Hi Con,

I wish it were as simple as you say. I have received legal advice which
shows that cannot reverse the decision. Why do you think it was made just
before i got in? I am looking at all the options.

Best regards

john g
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