The Way of Truth
The Way of Truth

Its highest expression is Light, its lowest is in deepest darkness
Its purity is without discrimination; its loss is in contamination
Its purpose is purity beyond ego, its avoidance is the noise of rampant ego

It is something you cannot steal or buy, but you can lose it easily
It can be found everywhere - but one needs to know when it has been found
It is simple, not needing convoluted compound verbosity or spin or spoof

It lays under the surface for the traumatised, always there, waiting
It rises like the Sun through the morning mists of confusion
It is exists in its own rite, as a beautiful way of being happy and free

Find your own way of truth, it waits for you at every moment
Find your own way to shine the Light in to your darkness
Find your own way to rise about the fog of your illusions

Find your truth in your heart and you have found Love;
having found it - keep it as your Way

By Con Connor, September 2007. This is just my first modest attempt at a written expression of an important part of my world as a Gaelic Druid. I suggest that instead of criticizing this offering that it would be very constructive if others could offer their versions of Truth in a short simple honest manner.
The image below is of the Torc or ceremonial enclosure at Rath Niamh, home to Ireland's Druidschool (open next year). I took this photo in mid summer 2007 - but I did not know there would be a rainbow shaft of light over the central firepit ((overgrown). I took 4 photo's of this Torc from different angles and all show this vertical rainbow of Light. I did not do this on purpose or saying the same thing in a more correct way - I did not try to photograph this Light because I did not consciously see this vertical beam of Light. This is my truth - it matters not to me if anyone else believes or does not believe this - it is mine, I share it as a gift from the Light to me.
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