Versailles 07
On our trip to the Druid Order gathering at Davayat in August 2007, we had "simple tourist plans" to visit Chartres on day one and to be in ceremony on day two, to visit the Volvic volcanoes on day three and on our last day to spend 4 or 5 hours at Versailles. This was a great choice.

The palace of the Sun King was amazing from the outside- we did not go inside because there was just too much to see outside and it was such a beautiful day.
It was a magnificient domination of Nature by man. Everything was ordered, hedgerows of trees were cut to a box shape, geometries balanced the walkways and gardens. Fantastic - if you like the idea of controlling Nature. We took a kind of golf cart for E27 per hour and drove around the incredible palace gardens for a full hour.

Below is the Dying Celt. I had seen many images of this statue, but now I was up close. He is a full man and he sits on his shield with a sword and twin horns. At least that is what I could make out - he is made in white marble and is bigger than life size.
Below is a lady hunter - I am not sure but I reckon her to be Artemis. She is also of white marble and has a bronze bow and a marble dog by her side. Her clothing is blowing magnificiently in the wind. She is also bigger than life size.
The two big ponds around the main high level yard were surrounded by bigger than life size bronze statues in various poses but all carried hidden symbolism of the Zodiac. I quickly went from one side of the first pond to the other side and saw the correspondences - Aquarius was opposite Leo, Virgo opposite Pisces and so on. Cast in in the year 1680 - these statues are very impressive. In the image below you can see a small part of the main palace.
Walking quickly to the second pond I saw that the Zodiac theme was also present but only if you knew the history of the Zodiac would you be able to see it. None of the brochures we saw gave the hidden Astrological symbolism away. There were twelve statues at each pond and it was exciting to discover this Astrological knowledge in the palace of the Sun King.

At Chartres we see that God was the SunKing surrounded by the symbols of the Zodiac and the ciphers for the four brightest stars. It was much the same at Versailles only it was a French manking at the centre of the system instead of a Hebrew manking. But is was still the same system - the Zodiac or belt of stars that surround our solar system and a man trying to hold the energies of the centre - doomed arrogance......
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